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IPBES Ad Hoc Committee


Since 2005, discussions at the global level among governments and other stakeholders have taken place in order to develop an Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

Beginning in 2009, the European section led an initiative with the other SCB regional section presidents to establish a role for SCB in this new intergovernmental platform.

Committee Members

The committee is composed of representatives from all regional sections and includes the head of the SCB global Policy Committee and the SCB policy director.

Bengt Gunnar Jonsson Chair, Europe Representative
Jeff McNeely  
Simon Nemtzov Asia Representative
Martin Dieterich Europe Representative 
Dominick DellaSala North America Representative 
Nick Oguge Africa Representative 
Chris Parsons Marine Representative 
Carolyn Lundquist Oceania Representative 
Olivier Chassot Latin America and Caribbean Representative 
David Hulse At-Large Member
Guy Peer At-Large Member
Isabella Pinto At-Large Member
James Watson At-Large Member
Kyle Gracey At-Large Member
Salvatore Arico At-Large Member
Teuta Skorin At-Large Member
Thomas Moore At-Large Member

Terms of Reference

The IPBES Committee shall:

  • To monitor the establishment process of IPBES, including
    • Participating in relevant meetings relating to IPBES
    • Studying and analyzing documents related to IPBES
  • To influence the IPBES establishment process, by
    • Providing constructive comments during meetings to ensure a strong scientific component in IPBES
    • Taking part in preparatory processes for relevant meetings
    • Coordinating input with other scientific stakeholders
  • To disseminate information on the IPBES establishment process to
    • The regional SCB sections through the section representatives
    • The Global Policy Committee of SCB
    • The Board of Governors of SCB
    • The SCB membership at large

The committee’s existence, functions and task are to be reconsidered at regular intervals as the establishment process of IPBES proceeds.