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Europe Section

SCB Europe Section focuses on the conservation of biodiversity in Europe and the EU.

Our Mission:

The SCB Europe Section is a network of professionals working for the conservation of biodiversity with a special interest in European issues.

The Europe Section was formed to promote conservation biology and its application to conserve biological diversity in Europe. The principal goals of the Section are:

  • To increase awareness and understanding of European conservation issues.
  • To strengthen conservation biology research and its application in Europe .
  • To advocate for biological diversity and willingly offer and promote the role of scientific review in assessment of conservation strategies.
  • To develop, promote and facilitate networks of communication and collaboration among Society members, and other researchers, managers, government agencies and non-governmental organizations in Europe and throughout the world.

SCB-Europe has: 

There are 500 European Section members (March 2010), representing 25 countries from all over Europe.

SCB-Europe benefits from the help of a coordinator, Edina Mozes, hired part-time thanks to the success of our congresses.