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SSWG Committees focus on two strategic goals - advancing social science knowledge and solving conservation problems. SSWG Committees also manage the core functions of the working group.

Committee members are listed below. For more information on each committee's activities and accomplishments, please see the Activities page.

Program Committee

The Program Committee organizes symposiums, workshops, and short courses at SCB conferences and other professional society meetings.  The Committee also coordinates the SSWG's work with the SCB journals Conservation Biology and Conservation In Practice.

Richard L. Wallace, Chair
Ursinus College 

Murray Rudd, Vice Chair
Memorial University of Newfoundland

David Cherney
University of Colorado at Boulder

Andrew Millington
Texas A&M University

Kathryn Semmens
Pew Environment Group

Ashley Schafer
Ursinus College

Education Committee

The Education Committee develops and disseminates resources for conservation social science educators and researchers, including course syllabi and working papers.

David Hoffman, Chair
Mississippi State University

Verna DeLauer
University of New Hampshire

Ane Packard
Texas A&M University

Altaf Hussain
IUCN Pakistan

Dyana LaRosa
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama

Monica V. Ogra
Gettysburg College

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee aids decision-makers inside and outside of government by providing scientific briefs, position statements, and other informational materials.

Murray Rudd, Chair
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee builds social science capacity by providing conservation practitioners with technical resources.  Current activities focus on compiling conservation-relevant social science tools for an online directory.

Tara Teel, Chair
Colorado State University

Diane Russell, Vice Chair
US Agency for International Development

Rodolfo Tello
American University

Shannon Earle
Conservation International

Michael Sorice
Texas A&M University

Communication Committee

The Communication Committee coordinates SSWG internal and external communications.   Current activities focus on the SSWG Web site and outreach materials.

Angelika Wilhelm-Rechmann, Chair
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

Nejem Rahem
Kinship Conservation Fellow

Rodolfo Tello
American University

Nathalie Walker, discussion list moderator
Greenpeace International

Danielle Mota, SSWG jobs website
Society for Conservation Biology, Brazil

Mac Parish
Stanford University

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee coordinates SSWG membership activities. Current activities include outreach, strengthening and diversifying the SSWG membership base, and developing a conservation social science expert directory.

Solange Bandiaky, Chair
Rights and Resources Initiative, USA and Senegal

Mark Zegler
University of California, Santa Barbara

David Bray
Florida International University

Jan van der Ploeg
University of Leiden, Netherlands

Sita Zougouri
Coordinator, Ambassador program; Burkina Faso

Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee initiates and supports student-related SSWG activities. Current activities include expanding and diversifying student membership, facilitating student participation in the SCB annual meeting, and identifying job and funding opportunities.

Annie Claus, Chair
Yale University

Annie MacFayden
University of Georgia

Rebecca Witter
University of Georgia

Oliver Pergams
University of Illinois at Chicago

Radhika Govindrajan
Yale University

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee identifies candidates for the SSWG Board and possible nominees for other SCB leadership positions. The Committee also helps to coordinate SSWG elections with SCB's Executive Office.

William Forbes, Chair
Stephen F. Austin University

Katrina Brandon, Chair
Conservation International, Argentina

Diane Russell
US Agency for International Development

Peter Wilshusen
Bucknell University

Nejem Raheem,
Kinship Conservation Fellow

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee reviews SSWG financial statements and coordinates the SSWG Annual Report.

Tammy Lewis, Chair
Muhlenberg College

Christie Manning
Hamline University

Beth Caniglia
Oklahoma State University
Mac Parish
Stanford University