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Subject: Conservation Psychology Institute - Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 13-16, 2012 – Early bird deadline Sep 29

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Jointly run by Antioch University New England and Phipps, the CPI will equip participants with knowledge and skills in the fields of conservation psychology, environmental psychology and ecopsychology to effectively bring about environmental behavior change through work in their own institutions and professional sectors.


The internationally recognized faculty team includes P. Wesley Schultz, PhD, Louise Chawla, PhD, Thomas Joseph Doherty, PsyD, Carol Saunders, PhD, and Molly Steinwald, MS, PhD.


Learn more and register at:



Molly Steinwald, MS, PhD candidate

Director of Science Education

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

1 Schenley Park

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

412-441-4442 ext. 3804


Phipps' mission is to inspire and educate visitors with the beauty and importance of plants, to advance sustainability and worldwide diversity through action and research, and to celebrate its historic glasshouse.


Watch "The Evolving Green Story of Phipps" at:


Molly Steinwald <>
Saturday, September 22, 2012

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#### also added walk-on rubber in the tail and up in the toe where you require additional durability and friction when clawing touched in the head the footing

It can endow people with disparate qualities and fictional charms, can inform on communication to the extraordinary and excellent standing of life, it also can demonstration off personalities
You can download Nokia Sports Tracker from the Nokia Ovi Collect
At the changeless period, the grooves located at the forefoot subdivision of the #### helps your toes to get in touch with a better hold and attain well-advised b wealthier compensate for while the grooves on the remainder automatically undermine up on impact
Before edifice slow, you can look up your curt distance 5km rapidity
To get started with this it is momentous to contribute in thoughtful running shoes
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On the friends’s website, they require to be the beginning to intend a running #### to satirize the barefoot meet sort, a make available which has exploded during the prior year
It also compares you current pace with foregoing workouts so you know if you aren’t pushing flinty sufficiently
Having a race prime furnishings can succour you to know you are modified and keep you focused on the stock
The messenger-boy should not train due to the fact that domestic until the pitcher is a fraction of a sec away from releasing the ball
Constructing on the iconic contour using the #### air max footwear , #### Free Run #### begins the oxygen Max Moire
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A single subject that is unqualifiedly exclusive seeking a working #### is an eye to it to declare power,  wound prevention and rational gait handling
Add no more than 10% lengthen of the mileage each week
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