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Subject: Ecotourism one day symposium - Abstract deadline extended

One day symposium hosted by Center for Tropical Ecology & Conservation

Ecotourism: Can tourism, biodiversity conservation and sustainable
community development be merged?

Deadline extended for abstract submission to September 15, 2012.
Please see call for abstracts below and email with any submissions or questions.

Saturday, November 3th, 2012
Antioch University New England
Keene, New Hampshire USA

Ecotourism, as defined by its proponents, aims to promote both environmental
conservation and the stability and resilience of the surrounding communities. Inspired by
environmentally and culturally degrading effects of the mainstream tourism industry, ecotourism
appeals to the more ‘responsible traveler’ who wants to help promote conservation and immerse
in local culture. Despite these good intentions, closer examination reveals that ecotourism, in
many cases, has contributed to social and environmental degradation. Rapid economic growth
inspired by ecotourism brings forth power dynamics, often resulting in the alienation of local
communities in the conservation of their own lands, as well as increased visitation rates to fragile
environments. Critically needed capacity building, policies, education, and appropriate
infrastructure for such growth to enable local participation and stability are often ignored. There
are, however, successful ecotourism enterprises that have been able to merge community
development and sustainable growth with conservation. The purpose of this symposium is to
bring together professionals, scholars and practitioners with differing backgrounds in economics,
politics, anthropology, natural sciences, business and management, as well as students and
educators, to explore how ecotourism can be a successful tool in biodiversity conservation. We
will examine the social complexities and ethics of cultural and social impacts of ecotourism. This
will allow for participants to learn from the merging of different themes, such as sustainable
development, local empowerment, social equality, business ethics and biodiversity conservation,
all highlighting the intricate dynamics of this growing industry.

Call for Abstracts:
The Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (CTEC) at Antioch University is
currently accepting proposals for oral presentations and posters that address the following
-To give symposium attendees the opportunity to critically explore what ecotourism
means and the role of ecotourism in biodiversity and cultural conservation.
- To explore how ecotourism can break free from the framework of the mainstream tourism
industry to truly work towards conservation of biodiversity through support for
sustainable growth of local economies and culture
- To address how, in the complex web of stakeholders, the needs of local communities can
be protected and met, especially in areas of low employment and/or poverty
- To explore the role of non-profit organizations as a bridge between local community
needs and the interests of other stakeholders
-  To provide examples of successful ecotourism enterprises that work to sustain
biodiversity conservation and cultural integrity through the inclusion and empowerment
of local community
-  To create a framework for understanding and evaluating ecotourism in an effort to help
society make responsible travel choices

Submission Guidelines:
For each submission (multiple submissions considered) please include:
1. The symposium goal(s) your abstract addresses
2. A 300 word or less abstract of your presentation
3. Indicate your preference for a presentation or a poster
4. Name, affiliation(s), address, phone number, and email
5. Submit two to three potential discussion questions related to your submission. These may
be used in the discussion to follow presentations

About CTEC:
The Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (CTEC) , in the Environmental Studies
Department at Antioch University New England , promotes the sustainable and just use of
tropical ecosystems by training conservation leaders, conducting conservation research with
partner organizations, and serving as an educational resource for the New England region.

All submissions should be sent electronically to the symposium coordinator:
Emily Dark
Subject: Submission 2012 Symposium
Deadline: September 15, 2012 (until spaces are full)

Beth Kaplin <>
Sunday, September 02, 2012

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