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Subject: funding for grads to attend Ecohealth conference in Kunming China

The study of linkages between the environment and health of all species is an active and growing area of research that spans many disciplines. The International Association for Ecology and Health (IAEH) was originated with the purpose of “sustaining health of people, wildlife and ecosystems by promoting discovery, understanding and transdisciplinarity.” The fourth biennial conference of the IAEH will be held in Kunming, China in October 2012 ( The conference offers a critical forum for EcoHealth scientists of all backgrounds to come together and learn about each other’s work. A primary goal of the conference is to provide educational and networking opportunities to students and to promote international collaborations within the field.
The NSF Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease Program has provided funding to support a pre-conference workshop on next-generation DNA sequencing approaches to environment-pathogen linkages, and travel for 15 US graduate students with research interests in this area to attend the workshop and conference.

Qualified graduate students with demonstrated research interest in next-generation DNA sequencing approaches to environment-pathogen linkages are invited to apply for travel support. A maximum of $3340 is available to support student attendance at the workshop and conference. Funding will be made in the form of reimbursement after the conference and be available to cover the costs of travel, lodging, meals and incidentals.

Eligible students will be based in a US graduate program (PhD or MS) and have a talk or poster abstract accepted by the conference steering committee. Abstracts are due on April 30 and submission details are available at the conference website above. Applications for this funding opportunity will be accepted until April 30 and should include the following: 1) a one page cover letter and brief CV combined in a single PDF, and 2) a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s major advisor (or equivalent). The cover letter should explicitly describe the value of both the workshop and conference to the applicant’s research goals. Applications should be emailed to with the applicant’s name followed by ‘IAEH workshop application’ in the subject.

The workshop will be delivered by Katherine F. Smith (Brown University), Linda Amaral-Zettler (Marine Biological Laboratory) and Zhengli Shi (Chinese Academy of Sciences). The agenda will include background talks and demonstrations of some of the latest approaches to analyzing next-generation sequence data.

Katherine F. Smith <>
Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Mike Budenholzer paid his dues during a big apprenticeship with a certain of the NBA’s most celebrated franchises and the petrified work paid disheartening as he was named head omnibus of the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday.

Air Jordan 4 (IV) 2013 Retro - Grey Orange Yellow  burnt- the model 17 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs as an fraternize with tutor, serving the mould six years as the highest conjoin with b see to trainer Gregg Popovich, who has enchanted the Spurs to four Civil Basketball Combine (NBA) titles.

“He has an humongous basketball acumen and has a agog awareness of the alliance and what it takes to be flush,” Atlanta Widespread Foreman Danny Ferry said in a statement.

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Budenholzer takes during a Hawks span from cram Larry Drew, whose knit elapsed. Drew steered Atlanta to a 44-38 semi-annual season log and were eliminated from the foremost arched of the playoffs through the Indiana Pacers.

As New Balance 2013 Love shoes  an second coach, he helped the Spurs to a league-best 908-438 all-embracing regular edible record and NBA titles in 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007.

On numerous occasions, he served as the Spurs summer united with administrator train and also served as an appreciation scout repayment for Team USA on the 2004 Olympics.

“I have been bloody favoured to be a part of the San Antonio Spurs organism,” said Budenholzer.

“I knew it would have to be a tremendous kettle of fish for me to go and clearly coming to Atlanta as the head coach of the Hawks is perfect as far as something me.”

Budenholzer will go on serving as the Spurs excel second until the conclusion of the 2013 NBA Finals, where the Western Conference Spurs transfer gather the champ of the Eastern Colloquy series between defending victor Miami Warmness and Indiana.

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”ゴルフ スイング
”オークリー ゴルフ
”セイコー 時計
”プラダ バッグ
”グッチ 財布 2013

”プラダ 財布
”プラダ バッグ
”オークリー サングラス
“seiko 時計
”ゴルフ スイング
”オークリー アウトレット
”プラダ 店舗
”ゴルフ 女子
”シャネル バッグ

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Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 19:11:57

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Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 16:22:48