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Subject: Graduate Program in Plant Biology and Conservation at Northwestern University



The Graduate Program in Plant Biology and Conservation is a joint program between Northwestern University (NU) and the Chicago Botanic Garden (CBG). Both MS and PhD degrees are offered. The program offers a unique opportunity to study ecology, evolution, and environmental issues at the interface of basic and applied plant science. Students apply to the program through Northwestern University and take their courses at both NU and CBG with faculty from both institutions. The state of the art Plant Conservation and Science Center at CBG is a tremendous resource for students, and the Chicago region provides an excellent community at the forefront of research in conservation and sustainability. Faculty research areas include:


Climate Change


Conservation Genetics

Crop Evolution and Diversity


Invasion Biology

Paleobotany, Paleoecology, and Paleoclimate

Plant Animal Interactions

Reproductive Ecology

Restoration Ecology


Soil Ecology and Fungal Diversity

Systematics and Evolution


To learn more contact the program director, Nyree Zerega ( or visit our websites:

Graduate Program:


Plant Science Center:


Application deadlines:

PhD: December 31, 2012

MS: February 15, 2013




Susan Black <>
Wednesday, September 05, 2012

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