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Subject: REQUEST FOR INVITATION TO BID: Predator Control Feasibility Research

"Predator Control Feasibility Research"

The CNMI Division of Fish & Wildlife invites bids for a professional service contractor to identify primary terrestrial predators of species of conservation concern, to recommend management options, and to produce analyses of the costs, constraints, implications, and risks associated with each option.

Project objectives include:

The contractor shall execute the project and shall deliver the following products:

1. Description of the population sizes and rates of increase of each primary terrestrial predator (PTP) on Rota;
2. Prioritization of threats PTPs present to species of conservation concern on Rota;
3. Recommendation of management options, weighing likelihood of success against probable costs, constraints, implications, and risks;
4. Analysis of costs and constraints (ecological, logistical, legal, social, financial, etc.) associated with each management option; and
5. Analysis of potential implications and risks (to humans, to target and non-target species, of litigation, of failure) and benefits (to target species, to biodiversity) associated with each management option.

Work must be completed and a final analysis and report submitted to CNMI-DFW by September 15, 2014. Payment is contingent upon deliverables; a schedule of deliverables and payments will be established upon initiation of the contract.

Bidder’s requirements:

The contractor shall provide the professional services of one or more individuals who meet the following criteria:

• Four-year university degree in wildlife conservation or invasive species management
• Experience performing surveys of free-ranging carnivores and rodents
• Experience working in isolated and rugged conditions
• Experience working in multicultural communities
• Experience planning and analyzing the feasibility of eradication of carnivores and rodents
• Experience analyzing and projecting the consequences of predator control on target and non-target species (including humans and domestic animals)

Proposal bids should be accompanied by:

• Scope of Work
• Cost/budget
• Timeline
• Statement of needs and expectations (if any)
• CV/resume of project personnel

The contractor must provide “proof of” document(s) demonstrating that they meet or can provide these requirements. Failure to submit “proof of” document(s) will result in the disqualification of the bid. 

Bid submission:

Submit all proposals to:

Mr. Herman S. Sablan
Director of Procurement and Supply
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Saipan, MP 96950

CNMI DLNR - Division of Fish and Wildlife <>
Friday, February 28, 2014

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