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Subject: Student Biodiversity Paper Competition

CitizenScience, the science and technology program of SustainUS, is now accepting submissions of original research related to biological diversity for its annual science paper competition. The winning submission from each group will be published in Consilience: the Journal of Sustainable Development, produced by Columbia University. In addition, the authors of the winning papers will be invited to present their research at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity in Hyderabad, India in October 2012.

Reasons to Submit Your Work:
• Share your passion for addressing the world’s toughest challenges through sound science
• Present your work at the United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity in Hyderabad, India
• Communicate the importance of youth involvement to international leaders
• Get published in Consilience: the Journal of Sustainable Development
• Start a relationship with the premier youth-run network for sustainable development, SustainUS!

Papers should be written on natural or social science topics related to biological diversity. Youth ages 18-26 are eligible to apply. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis until June 22, 2012. Please direct all paper submissions along with the submission form and/or questions to
Applications and guidelines can be found
Marielle Remillard <>
Wednesday, June 06, 2012

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