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By Robin Roth, posted on April 1, 2014

SSWG Election Results

SCB's Social Sciences Working Group is pleased to announce the following group members as winners of the 2014 SSWG board elections: 
Tara Teel (Psychology Representative) has been re-elected for a fourth consecutive term and has been serving as SSWG President since 2009. Dr. Teel is an Associate Professor in the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Department at Colorado State University in the U.S. Her research and outreach have been directed at improving conservation planning and decision-making through an understanding of human thought and behavior and through provision of social science training for conservation professionals. Her primary expertise is in applying concepts and methods from social psychology to understand human-wildlife relationships and the social dynamics of human-wildlife conflict.
Robin Roth (Geography Representative) has been re-elected for a third term and currently serves as SSWG Chair of Membership and Nominations.  Dr. Roth is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at York University, Toronto, Canada. Her research spans Thailand and Canada and includes conservation conflict, conservation induced livelihood change, market oriented conservation mechanisms and conservation collaborations with aboriginal peoples.
Christie Lam (Anthropology Representative), a new member joining the SSWG Board, is an Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology in Osaka University, Japan. She holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Adelaide in Australia and her research focuses on the social and cultural aspects of park-people conflicts in South Asia, specifically Nepal. Dr. Lam’s current projects focus on the welfare impacts of conservation-induced displacement and on the cultural values of land. 
Ashwini Chhatre (At-Large Representative) has been re-elected to the Board for a third term, currently serving as Chair of the SSWG Policy Committee. He recently accepted a position as Senior Research Fellow at the Bharti Institute of Public Policy. and he serves as Senior Editor for the journal Conservation Letters. His research combines political ecology and common property theory to investigate the role played by institutions in mediating the trade-offs and synergies across multiple benefits derived from forests, such as rural livelihood, biodiversity conservation and carbon sequestration.
Douglas Clark (At-Large Representative) is welcomed back for a second term on the SSWG Board, and he brings a mixture of academic and conservation practitioner experience. Prior to taking up a Chair position in the Human Dimensions of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, he was a Canadian national park warden for 11 years, serving in 6 national parks. His current research is on the social and biophysical impacts of climate change in the circumpolar north.
In addition, we’d like to thank outgoing member David Hoffman for his many excellent years of service on the SSWG board.
Thank you again for voting and supporting all of the candidates who are willing to dedicate their time to SCB and the SSWG!