SCB Marine Board Election 2015

Several SCB Marine Board positions are up for elections this term! We are seeking volunteer applicants for the positions of Education Officer, Diversity Officer, Interdisciplinary Officer and Secretary. If you are an official SCB Marine member and interested in serving on the board, please take note that applications are due by 10 Dec. 2015. Applications should be sent to

Successful candidates will serve a three-year term (1 Jan. 2016 to 31 Dec. 2018). Board members are volunteers and must be willing to travel to at least one meeting per year and engage in regular email and conference call discussions. Board members are expected to be actively engaged in SCB Marine through committee work. For specific details of board positions, please contact Marine Section President-Elect Samantha Oester. As the Marine Section is global, SCB Marine board members come from around the world. Applicants must be members in good standing of the Society for Conservation Biology Marine Section. All applicants are expected to read the Marine Section bylaws prior to application. Application for the election is an agreement that the Marine Section bylaws are understood.

Elections will take place 12-24 Dec. 2015.

Below you can find position descriptions for those that are up for election and some of the the responsibilities of each.

To apply, send an email with all of the following information to by 10 Dec. 2015:

  • Applicant Name  
  • Address (with Country)
  • Board Position Applying For
  • Phone Number
  • Organization/University Name
  • Email Address

You must also include a short biographical sketch that is no longer than 300 words. The biographical sketch should include relevant experience and qualifications, as well as reasons the applicant is a good candidate for the desired board position.

Questions? You can send us a message via FaceBook (, Twitter (@SCBMarine) or send an email to

Position Descriptions

All board members are expected to regularly attend board conference calls (if they are held at a reasonable hour in their time zones). All board members are expected to contribute to the section and be active members. General board duties, in addition to those described below for each position, may include: posting information to listservs, reviewing Small Grants applications, reviewing IMCC proposals and abstracts, voting on board items, contributing to board initiatives, helping to develop new initiatives, fundraising (if not prohibited by an agency/job contract). Attendance at IMCCs and ICCBs is expected, if financially feasible and circumstances are permitting.

Education Officer

The Education Officer should currently be or have been a teacher/educator. This committee shall facilitate and carry out initiatives designed to promote the education—at all levels, including preparatory and continuing—of the public, of biologists, and of managers in the principles and practices of marine conservation biology. The committee shall also promote student participation in the Section and meetings, including IMCC and ICCB. This committee shall be chaired by the Education Officer.

The Education Committee shall:

  • develop and find education materials for teachers/educators at different levels,
  • put together materials for education portion of SCB Marine website (Communications will run the website and work with education to make materials appropriate.)
  • promote a supportive environment for undergraduate and graduate students in the Section,
  • encourage student participation in meetings,
  • create opportunities for interaction among students and professionals.


Diversity Officer

The Diversity Officer will preferably have some experience with diversity-based initiatives. This committee shall raise awareness and discussion about diversity across the Section, and work to support and increase the diversity in the Section and Board assist in building international membership and shall be responsible for forming an international marine education component of the Section. This committee shall be chaired by the International Diversity Officer.

The Diversity Committee shall:

  • raise awareness and discussion about diversity across the Section,
  • conduct international outreach to marine conservation scientists and practitioners,
  • develop diversity activities to increase the diversity of the Section.


Interdisciplinary Officer

The Interdisciplinary Officer should currently be or have been involved in discipline other than biology for all or part of his/her research/profession. This committee shall promote interdisciplinary collaborations to advance marine conservation. The committee shall be chaired by the Interdisciplinary Officer.

The Interdisciplinary Committee shall:

  • reach out to professionals/organizations of conservation-related disciplines,
  • collaborate with SCB Working groups
  • develop interdisciplinary activities.



The Secretary shall:

  • keep and report minutes of all meetings of the Board and General Members’ Meetings,
  • maintain Robert’s Rules of Order at Board meetings,
  • coordinate and run Section-wide elections (along with Communications Officer),
  • maintain a record of Board members and their terms, and coordinate Board elections
  • preside over and record votes related to Board business,
  • transfer all records and files to his or her successor upon completion of his or her term of office, and
  • nominate a deputy secretary, who, once confirmed by the Executive Committee, will stand in for the Secretary when necessary.
  • serve as Board liaison to other committee(s) as needed.