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About Us

The SSWG is a global community of conservation professionals interested in the application of social science to the conservation of biological diversity. Since its establishment in 2003, the SSWG has grown to over 400 members in over 60 countries. The SSWG is home to a diverse and multidisciplinary array of conservation researchers and practitioners, including social scientists, natural scientists, and humanities specialists from many different backgrounds.

An elected Board and Board Committees coordinate SSWG activities. The SSWG Board has been active in developing and coordinating initiatives that best accomplish the mission of the SSWG, which is to strengthen conservation social science and its application to conservation practice. SSWG is one of the longest-serving official working groups of SCB and has a strong track record in mainstreaming the social sciences in conservation.

The activities of the SSWG are governed by a set of Bylaws.

The SSWG Board recently delivered the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. This strategic plan is based on the 2008 program review and formative assessment.

Each year, the SSWG Board and the Committees develop detailed work plans to guide project development and implementation. We also produce annual reports to communicate our activities and accomplishments. In 2010, we reformatted and named these Board of Governors Reports.