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The SSWG Discussion Group

The SSWG facilitates disussion via Google Groups (similar to an email listserv) in order to enhance social science capacity. This tremendous group of over 1,200 people helps our community connect with one another to ask questions or share ideas, discuss contemporary issues, organize conference sessions or other trainings, and post employement, educational, and research/grant opportunities related to the conservation social sicences. We hope you join the dialogue!

To Join the Email Listserv: 

  1. Click here and then sign in to your Google, Gmail (or Gmail powered) account.
  2. Then click the BLUE “Join Group to Post” button.

If you don’t have a Google account, you will need to create one here to join the discussion. 

Connect with SSWG


Twitter:              @SCB_SSWG, #consocsci