Individual Membership in SCB

If you are working to prevent the loss of biodiversity---no matter what career stage you are in or where you are located--SCB is YOUR professional Society!

SCB members collaborate with one another in a manner that transcends borders to advance the mission and vision of SCB and include scientists, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, educators, students, and conservation professionals. 

SCB's more than 3,000 members find leadership, networking, and career-boosting opportunities at SCB meetings, in SCB groups, and the Society's online community Conservation Connection. 


Individual Membership Types
  • Professional: Typically includes conservation and social scientists, educators, resource managers, and government and non-profit personnel.
  • Student: Members working towards a degree (high school, undergraduate, and gradate)
  • Retired: Members who are retired from the field and is no longer a working full time professional. 
  • Lifetime: Members who pay a one-time fee (a long-term cost-saving option) to belong to SCB for their entire career, including retirement.

Individual Membership Dues

Dues are determined by your annual gross income (in USD equivalent).

Professional, Student, or Retired Dues (USD)
Annual Gross Income (USD Equivalent) 1 Year 2 Years* 3 Years*
More than $75,000 $120 $230 (save 4%) $320 (save 12%)
Between $50,000 & less than $75,000 $90 $170 (save 6%) $230 (save 16%)
Between $20,000 & less than $50,000 $60 $110 (save 9%) $140 (save 25%)
Below $20,000 $30 $50 (save 18%) $70 (save 25%)
Lifetime Membership $2,500  

*Due to changes in SCB's management systems, 2 and 3 year membership options are currently unavailable. SCB Global Services is actively working to address this, and we recognize that members appreciate the convenience and value of multi-year memberships. Due to the many technical variables at play, we cannot provide a specific timeline right now on the return of the multi-year option, but we hope it can be enabled again within the next year. We are also exploring near-term solutions, such as implementing an option to auto-renew your membership. In the meantime, we encourage you to join or renew your membership for one year. Your support and understanding during this transition are greatly appreciated.

Individual Membership Benefits

SCB members play a critical role in advancing the science and practice of conserving Earth's biological diversity. From networking to publishing discounts, SCB members enjoy an extensive list of other membership benefits. Following is a list of benefits available to individual members of SCB: 
  1. Exclusive access to Conservation Connection, an online community for SCB members to collaborate, share, and network with their peers in the field.
  2. Eligible to vote in SCB board elections and issues and initiatives that impact SCB.
  3. Access to SCB's monthly newsletter for the latest news and opportunities from SCB and the conservation sector. 
  4. Discounts to participate in project management and strategy development trainings for conservation from WildTeam.
  5. Discounts to attend ICCB and SCB Region congresses.
  6. Listing in SCB's Expertise Database, including a personal profile, professional expertise and interests, employment history, social media links and more.
  7. Discount to publish in SCB's peer-reviewed journal Conservation Letters.
  8. Discount to publish in SCB's peer-reviewed journal Conservation Science & Practice
  9. Complimentary online access to the SCB journal Conservation Biology and Biological Conservation for members in developing countries.
  10. Discounted subscription rates for professionals and students in developed countries to Conservation Biology and Biological Conservation.
  11. 35% discount on all Wiley book titles.
  12. Opportunity to serve on SCB and SCB Group boards and committees.
  13. Opportunity to apply for SCB Chapter Activity Grants and Travel Awards for Chapters (if a Chapter board member).
  14. Opportunity to apply for ICCB travel awards. 
  15. Eligible to apply for a $1,000 SCB Graduate Student Research Award (graduate student members only).
  16. Eligible to apply for other SCB student award opportunities as available (student members only)
  17. Eligible to compete in the ICCB Student Awards Competition at ICCB (student members only)
  18. Access to SCB Student Member events at ICCB (student members only)
  19. Eligible to be featured in SCB' Member Spotlight and the Member Newsletter.
  20. Belong to a Society that serves in vital regional, national, and international conservation policy forums and treaties.