Member Spotlight

The SCB Member Spotlight clues you in to the fascinating stories and experiences of SCB members working around the globe to advance the science and practice of conserving Earth's biological diversity. This feature also sheds light on the careers and accomplishments of SCB members.

The Member Spotlight provides a glimpse into the rich diversity of our membership and the varied backgrounds from which it springs. From students and early career scientists to learned scholars and professionals, the Member Spotlight showcases SCB's most valued asset—our members. 

Featured Members     
Leela Hazzah
Founder & Director 
Lion Guardians

Meet Leela
Steven Price
Senior Director, Conservation Science & Practice
World Wildlife Fund-Canada

Meet Steven

Brett Dickson
President & Chief Scientist
Conservation Science Partners
Meet Brett

Renata Ferrari Legorreta
Research Fellow
University of Sydney
Meet Renata

Stephen Awoyemi
University of Cambridge
Meet Stephen

Meredith Gore
Jefferson Science Fellow & Senior Science Advisor
United States Department of State

Meet Meredith

Emma Ladouceur
Researcher                                                                                                Museo delle Scienze

Meet Emma 
Anna Mangan
Biological Science Technician 
National Wildlife Research Center

Meet Anna 
Brent Hughes
Smith Fellow 
Duke University & University of California Santa Cruz

Meet Brent

Angelique Hjarding
Founder at Highway Butterfly Project & Brandy Awardee                      
North Carolina Wildlife Federation                                                                  USA
Meet Angelique 



Israel Borokini
SCB Africa President-Elect Doctoral Student                                        University of Nevada                                                                                          USA
Meet Israel

Johan Van Der Ploeg 
Environmental Anthropologist                                                                  Worldfish
Solomon Islands
Meet Johan


Julie Hanta Razafimanahaka
Director                                                                                                                Madagasikara Voakajy
Meet Julie 



Christine Wilkinson
PhD Student
University of California, Berkeley
Meet Christine 


Laura Thomas Jenkins
PhD Student
University of Kent,
Meet Laura 


Elliott Norse
Founding Member of SCB, author of Global Marine Biological Diversity Conservation and Founder of The Marine Conservation Institute
Meet Elliott 


Vratika Chaudhary 
PhD Student  
University of Florida

Meet Vratika 

Attila Nemet
European Early Career Conservation Award Recipient

Meet Attila