SCB Webinars

SCB Webinars is a series of live events that feature leading voices in conservation who present critical research and discuss the latest topics. Have a suggestion for a webinar topic or a referral for a potential presenter? Fill out this form! We seek a diverse range of presenters and topics and are fully focused on delivering content that provides value to our audiences from around the world.

Our webinars may focus on the following themes: 

  • Professional development webinars, on topics like careers in conservation biology, how to submit a successful abstract, etc. that provides professional development resources to our members.
  • Research related webinars, that allows a member to share their research and methods with our wider membership.
  • Section, Working Group or Chapter webinars that enable SCB groups to share any ongoing projects, conferences, awards, work, etc. with our membership and encourage interested parties to get involved in their work.

We would like to offer our apologies for the technical issues that crashed our first live webinar on February 3, 2021, featuring Dr. Daniel T. Blumstein’s talk “Conservation Behavior: A Fearful Perspective.” Thankfully, we can share with you a link to an excellent talk he gave on this same topic. 

Watch Dr. Blumstein’s talk “Conservation Behavior: A Fearful Perspective."

All of our past webinars are also available on our Vimeo page: