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Learn about the ICCB Scientific Program below, including how to record your presentation directly to the ICCB virtual platform.

Happening Now: Registrants with accepted abstracts in ICCB may record their presentations by logging in to their ICCB Profile Page and clicking on the ICCB Speaker Module. We ask that presentations be recorded and in the system by Tuesday 7 December so that they can be viewed be delegates prior to the live sessions during the main scientific program. Additional instructions are below (see "Recording Your Presentation" and "Know Before Your Record").  

The ICCB Scientific Committee published a draft overview of the Scientific Program and the pre-congress sessions, and a detailed and searchable public program which shows the talks in ICCB general sessions and symposia. We may be adding more talks as registrations are finalized.

How the Virtual Scientific Program will Function 

ICCB 2021 is being delivered through a professional virtual conference platform that will feature interactive sessions, live text-based chats and Q&A, live-discussion and polling, and more. 

To improve the quality of the congress and to maximize discussion and engagement within the virtual platform, oral presentations in contributed sessions and invited talks in symposia will be pre-recorded and made available for viewing for registered participants the week before the Congress. Speed talks and poster presentations have the option to record their video (see more below). By pre-recordng talks, the live sessions can focus on maximizing interaction with and between presenters through longer Q&As and discussion. All presenters will be virtually present for their entire session during the Congress in order to answer questions and participate in the discussion. 

Like in-person meetings, sessions will be organized by theme / topic. Sessions are assigned to virtual rooms and registered attendees can move from room to room as they would in an in-person meeting. Contributed sessions will have moderators to facilitate the Q&A and discussion period. Organizers of symposia will coordinate their respective sessions, manage the Q&A, and facilitate the discussion. Read more about the Live Discussion format here

Session Length
Sessions are scheduled in one-hour increments to allow for 10 minutes of transitions to virtual rooms and attendee movement between sessions. 

  • Contributed Sessions: 50-minutes
  • Regular Symposium: 50 minutes
  • Extended Symposium: 50-minutes for the first session and 50 minutes for the second session. 
  • Symposium with Roundtable Discussion: 50-minutes for the first session (modeled after a regular symposium) and 50-minutes for the roundtable discussion.

All sessions will be recorded for post-congress viewing by registered participants. We are operating under the assumption that presenters will accept that their recorded presentation be available for such viewing. If you prefer otherwise, please notify us at ICCBteam@conbio.org.  

Recording Your Presentation

All ICCB presentations will be pre-recorded for on-demand viewing prior to the Congress so that the live sessions can focus more on discussion and audience Q&A and interaction. 

How to Record or Upload Your Talk
Registered ICCB attendees with accepted abstracts (poster, speed and oral presentations) and registered invited speakers in symposia may login to their ICCB profile page to enter the ICCB Speaker Module to record their talk directly into the platform. If you already have a recording of your presentation you have the option to upload it from your computer.   

  • Login to your ICCB Profile Page
  • Click on the "ICCB Speaker Module" button
  • Under "Current Abstracts" find the abstract(s) you will present.
  • Click the button labeled "Presentation Recording." You may be listed on multiple abstracts as a co-author, but the option to record is available only on abstracts you're listed as the presenter. 
  • Click the "Record Presentation Video" button to record your presentation. After you've finished recording your video you may view it. If you are satisfied with the recording, click save.
  • Record as many takes as you'd like. Each new recording replaces the last. You may preview your recording at anytime. 
  • See this four-minute video for a general demonstration from X-CD (the virtual platform provider) on self-recording presentations into their virtual platform.


  • Google Chrome or Firefox are the recommended browswers through which to record your presentation (with Google Chrome as the most efficient option). Safari is not optimized for the X-CD virtual platform's self-record functionality. 

Know Before Your Record

ICCB presentations will be pre-recorded and uploaded to the virtual platform by 7 December so that registered attendees can watch presentations on demand in advance of live discussions during the main scientific program. The ICCB Virtual Platform will be open for on-demand viewing in early December. All recordings will be accompanied by their corresponding abstracts. Viewers can leave questions and comments on the discussion boards connected to each recording and abstract. 

Please be mindful of the time limit requirements for your presentation type (see below)!

Oral Presentations and Invited Talks in Symposia
Oral talks in contributed sessions and invited talks in symposia should not exceed 12 minutes! Share your screen when recording your talk so that viewers can follow each slide of your PowerPoint presentation. You may upload files for viewers to download. File uploads will be embedded with your abstract / recording. Unless you are presenting a poster, there's no requirment to upload a file. Be mindful that all file uploads can be downloaded by registered ICCB attendees. 

Speed Presentations
Speed presentations in contributed sessions should not exceed five minutes! Recording your presentation in advance is not required, but we recommend that you do. Your prerecorded talk will be useful if your internet fails. Share your screen when recording your talk so that viewers can follow each slide of your PowerPoint presentation. You may upload files for viewers to download. File uploads will be embedded with your abstract / recording. There's no requirment to upload a file. Be mindful that all file uploads can be downloaded by registered ICCB attendees. Due to the short duration of speed talks, these sessions will be run as traditional sessions where you give your full talk and participate in a general Q&A.  

Poster Presentations
Video recordings are optional for poster presenters, but all presenters should upload their poster via the ICCB Speaker Module by 7 December. While the recording is optional, we expect that posters that include video presentations will result in better engagement for your poster from registered attendees. If you record a video, it should not exceed five minutes (we recommend three minutes or less) and should focus on summarizing the key messages of your poster. Poster presenters can begin interacting with their audiences through the discussion board prior to their scheduled live poster session during the main scientific program. On the day and time that posters are scheduled, presenters will be located in “rooms” where viewers can enter to interact with them. Poster sessions will last 1 hour.

Formatting Your Poster: The recommended poster dimensions are 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high in PDF format. These are not system requirements so any size will do as presenters and viewers can pan in and out of different areas of the poster. As such, your poster can approximate the standard size for an in-person ICCB, which is 48" x 60" (converts to 2880 x 3600 pixels) and PowerPoint slides are acceptable if you prefer not to save as a PDF. Typically posters are on one sheet in the landscape orientation, but it's possible to have multiple sheets. 

ICCB 2021 Session Types

ICCB symposia feature multiple speakers who present their insights, perspectives and research on a focused conservation theme, topic, or issue through scientific talks and audience interaction.

Three types of symposia take place during that main scientific program:

  • Regular Symposium (50-minutes): A maximum of five speakers (which may include the organizer). Talks are available on-demand prior to the Congress. During the live session, speakers will participate in a moderated panel and engage with the audience through Q&A and discussion. 
  • Extended Symposium (100-minutes): An extended symposium features two 50-minute sessions and a maximum of ten speakers (which may include the organizer). Talks are available on-demand prior to the Congress. During the live session, speakers will participate in a moderated panel and engage with the audience through Q&A and discussion. 
  • Symposium with Roundtable Discussion (100-minutes): A Symposium with Roundtable Discussion features two 50-minute sessions, scheduled back-to-back whenever possible. The first 50-minutes is a regular symposium (see above) and the second 50-minutes is a roundtable discussion to allow for a deep and broad discussion of the symposium topic to develop tangible and actionable outputs.

Contributed Presentations

Contributed presentations (oral and speed talks and poster presentation) are grouped into sessions by topic and are scheduled in 50-minute sessions. Registered attendees can watch the presentations on-demand starting one week before ICCB and pose questions on the discussion board associated with the talk. Presenters will gather in moderated sessions during the main ICCB Scientific Program to engage with live attendees, answer their questions and discuss their research. All presenters are expected to be available during the live discussion period. 

  • Oral Talks 
    Oral presentations share your research with participants in your contributed session and include an opportunity to interact with the audience. Oral presentations demonstrate why your research is valid and matters for conservation and explain the outcomes or expected outcomes of your research. 

    Oral presentations are presented in 12-minutes or less via recorded video which will be posted to the ICCB Virtual Site before the Congress. A live Q&A and discussion period will be held during the main Scientific Program where all presenters are expected to be availabe (see above).   
  • Speed Talks
    Like oral presentations, speed talks aim to inform and convey to the audience why your research matters for conservation. They provide a rapid and intense overview of your research. 

    Speed presentations are conducted in 5-minutes or less. A live audience Q&A and discussion will take place during the main Scientific Progam where all presenters are expected to be available (see above). 
  • Poster Presentations
    Poster presentations are a visual and concise way to showcase conservation science and projects that provide opportunities to interact with a wide audience. Since a poster format is best when your material can easily be communicated visually, text should be limited to brief statements. Each presentation should make a unified, coherent statement. Poster presenters should upload their posters to their abstract so that they may be viewed by registered attendees before the live poster sessions scheduled for the main scientific program. Poster presenters have the option of recording a video presentation when they upload their poster. The optional video should be less than five minutes, with a recommended time of three minutes or less.  

Roundtable Discussions
Roundtable Discussions bring together people with diverse expertise to develop tangible and actionable outputs — such as a list of recommendations, a publication, a policy briefing or a white paper  — on a specific conservation issue. Roundtable Discussions are meant for discussion, collaboration, brainstorming, etc. They are not meant to consist of a series of presentations.

Roundtable Discussions typically have a smaller number of participants (10-30 maximum) than training courses or workshops. Pre and post-congress Roundtable Discussions may require a separate fee for participants in addition to the congress registration fee.

Training Courses
Training Courses provide opportunities for registered delegates to receive expert-led education and training on topics relevant for biodiversity conservation, including strategy and project management. ICCB 2021 prioritizes training courses that advance capacity for conservation action in Africa, though topics may be broadly applicable for global conservation solution / capacity building.

Training Courses may last up to two full days (8 hours each day) and will take place before the Congress.

Workshops, whether geared toward students or professionals, are more interactive than symposia and often have an educational / technical component. Workshops share an approach, scientific finding, or technology that provides practical solutions for conservation challenges.

Workshops scheduled before or after the main scientific program and can vary in length from 4-to-16 hours. Lunchtime workshops are scheduled during the main scientific meeting.