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Carbon Offset Project

IMCC2’S Carbon Offset Project
Thailand: Biogas from Sewage Water

To offset the carbon footprint of the conference, we will be donating money equivalent to one tonne of carbon per conference participant to an organization called ‘Atmosfair’. Atmosfair invests funds into projects in developing nations which help local communities to conduct their daily activities in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner, which in turn, reduces greenhouse gas emissions. All of Atmosfair’s projects are in accordance to the terms set out by the Kyoto Protocol and are monitored by UN accredited technical organizations. In keeping with the theme of the IMCC, we will be investing in one of Atmosfair’s water-related projects in Thailand: creating biogas from wastewater.

Some highlights about Atmosfair:

  • Recognized as a top ranking carbon offset company by numerous organizations, including the David Suzuki Foundation, the University of Applied Sciences in Eberswalde, and the BBC
  • All of their projects are registered, gold-standard projects
  • A minimum of 92% of the money received from donations goes directly into carbon offset projects

Project Title: Chumporn applied biogas technology for advanced waste water management

Location: Chumporn, Thailand

Status: In operation

Estimated Carbon Sequestration: Approximately 20,000 tons of CO2/year, for 10 years

Partners: Chumporn Palm Oil Industry (operator), GTZ - Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (project development), WWF Thailand (monitoring of rain forest)

Summary: This project is the first of its kind in Thailand and its goal is to avoid the methane emissions created from organic wastewater treatment in the palm oil industry. The project is thus shifting from traditional wastewater treatment in open, anaerobic ponds which results in the uncontrolled release of methane, to a closed tank digester system with biogas capture and utilization. The resulting biogas is used for heat in the factory so that methane is no longer released. This project contributes to the overall economic, environmental, and social sustainability of the Thai palm oil industry.


Link to project site: https://www.atmosfair.de/index.php?id=168&L=3
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