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Instructions for Presenters
Instructions for Posters

Posters will be displayed prominently and for the entire meeting; special sessions dedicated to posters will allow in-depth discussion between authors and attendees. Pins will be provided to hang posters.

Poster Area (Display Space)

The dimensions of each poster can be no larger than 36" x 48" (92 cm x 122 cm) portrait or 40" x 36" (102 cm X 92 cm) landscape.

Poster Layout

The preferred method of creating a poster is using design or presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Pagemaker. These programs allow you to lay out the entire poster, including text and graphics, in a single file and then print it using a large, color printer.

Posters should include the submitted abstract. Posters should be easy to understand and be readable from 3-4 feet away. The title should be printed across the top of the poster in characters of at least 84 pt. Author(s), and affiliation(s) should be at least 42 pt.

Subheadings should be at least 30 pt, and all text, including figures and tables, should be no smaller than 24 pt. Examples:
Title - 84 pt.
Authors & addresses - 42 pt.
Section Headings - 30 pt.
Text - 24 pt.

For more detailed suggestions, please go to: SCB's page on designing posters
or: http://www.ncsu.edu/project/posters/NewSite/

Instructions for Oral Presentations

Contributed oral presentations will be limited to 20 minutes: 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Invited presentations may have slightly different timings, please see the program for details.

Instructions for Speed Presentations

Speakers will be given four (4) minutes each to present their key ideas and results. Subsequent to all presentations, presenters will station themselves at separate tables where they can interact with people who are interested in learning more about their work.