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Subject: Advanced Banding Training

An Advanced Bird Banding Class will be held the Welder Wildlife Refuge in Sinton, Texas on April 10-13, 2019.

The workshop training will begin the morning of April 10th and end the afternoon of April 13th. Participants should plan to arrive on the evening of April 9th. The workshop is hosted by the Rob and Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation www.welderwildlife.org. The instructor is Danielle Kaschube, MAPS Coordinator with the Institute for Bird Populations (http://www.birdpop.org/) of Point Reyes, California. The Welder Refuge is located about 40 miles north of Corpus Christi, Texas in the Texas Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes ecosystem, a prime location for spring migration.


The workshop fee of $750 per person includes all class materials, instructors’ fees, lodging and meals.  A non-refundable payment of $625.00 is required to reserve a spot in the workshop and is due upon registration. The remainder is due April 1, 2019. If the class is canceled your full registration fee will be refunded. The class is limited to 9 people with a minimum of 5.

To make reservations and payment for the workshop contact Angela Garcia (arangel@welderwildlife.org), 361-364-2643. Credit cards or checks are accepted. Please make checks payable to the Welder Wildlife Foundation. We will contact you when the class minimum is met; please do not book your flights until that time.


Classroom activities will be the Welder Foundation Education Center. Lodging is included in the registration fee. Each registrant will have his/her own semi-private room that contains a bath. Linens and towels are provided, but bring your own toiletries. Continental breakfast, lunch and a home cooked dinner are provided.  Please let us know of any dietary needs or issues upon registration.


Participants will need to bring their own copy of the Pyle guide:  Pyle, Peter. 1997. Identification Guide to North American Birds. Part I. Slate Creek Press. Bolinas, CA.

We will be in the field a large portion of the time. Proper field attire is necessary including mud boots, snake boots or snake guards, rain gear, jacket, sunscreen, and insect repellant. Mosquitos, ticks, venomous snakes, and other insects are present. Do not forget a headlamp or flashlight, binoculars, and a small notepad for notetaking and data recording.  


The advanced classes are designed to help participants fine tune their banding skills. Participants will advance their comprehension of molt strategies and ability to recognize molts limits and plumages on birds in hand. Classes are individualized and the rate of progression is dependent upon skill level of the participants. Focus will be on details of feather morphology, plumages, and molt limits.

Morning activities: review and expansion of skills including:operation of and removal of birds from mist nets to increase extraction speeds and safety bird-handling skills, e.g. using proper grips and minimizing bird stress in-hand ageing and sexing techniques, e.g. fine tuning of skulling, scoring on the data sheet, recognizing molt limits

Afternoon activities: Lectures and discussions covering avian life histories, energetics, molts, plumages, and the role of banding in research and monitoring

Before attending an advanced class, participants should be able to handle and set up mist-nets; be able to extract birds from mist-nets; and have familiarity with aging hatch-year versus after-hatch-year birds.

Participants should come prepared with questions that have arisen during their banding operations and work with the instructor to focus on the particular skills they would like to improve upon.

For more information on the workshop, location contact Angie Arredondo at (aarredondo@welderwildlife.org) or Selma Glasscock (sglasscock@welderwildlife.org) at (361) 364-2643, or visit the Welder Foundation website at www.welderwildlife.org for more details. 

Rob and Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation, Sinton, TX. <aarredondo@welderwildlife.org>
Monday, February 25, 2019

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