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Subject: Capacity-building Opportunity in Conservation Conflict Transformation and Continued Learning Opportu

Do you have a complex conservation challenge? Do you work on human-wildlife conflict? Is social conflict complicating your efforts to create positive change or achieve conservation goals? The Center for Conservation Peacebuilding (CPeace, formerly the Human-Wildlife Conflict Collaboration) offers capacity-building workshops for individuals and teams interested in transforming conflict to create enduring solutions for people and wildlife. CPeace currently has one capacity-building workshops on Conservation Conflict Transformation scheduled for 2020:

Fundamentals of Conservation Conflict Transformation - October 5-9, 2020, Washington, DC. - The Festival Center

Around the world, conservation conflicts-- including human-wildlife conflicts-- are detrimental to livelihoods, community ways of life, and conservation efforts alike. (Often, these are conflicts between people about wildlife.) Social conflicts around conservation issues can erode efforts to protect species and promote shared wins between communities, conservationists, and governments. To understand and address these issues, CPeace pioneered the use of Conservation Conflict Transformation, a positive process by which complex, multilayered conflicts are transformed into opportunities to both engage in the presenting problem and meet deeper needs.

Join us for a collaborative-learning workshop to explore how CCT is applicable to your conservation challenge and why addressing the deep-rooted, underlying issues of social conflicts around wildlife and conservation issues may be critical to creating a path toward lasting solutions! Registration and details are available at https://cpeace.ngo/capacity-building-workshops/.

And Continued Learning Opportunity:
If you have already completed a Fundamentals and/or Advanced Workshop in CCT, please join us for a Hands-on Collaborative Workshop in Conservation Conflict Transformation.

Come join Francine and the CPeace team for an exciting, rejuvenating, advancing, deep-dive workshop in picturesque Maryland, USA, November 16-18, 2020! Bring your challenging cases, bring your questions and bring your lessons learned. This small group practical workshop will be designed to meet your individual and collective needs. Peer-to-peer learning and hands-on collaborative engagement in your real-world cases will ensure that you leave with greater clarity and advanced strategy to tackle critical “next steps” in advancing progress in your work. Advance your skills, strategy and learning to benefit your individual professional development and your institution’s mission and goals. 

Registration and details are available at https://cpeace.ngo/capacity-building-workshops/.
Please note: This workshop is not a replacement for the CCT Advanced workshop and is open to all CoP members who have participated in a 4-5 day Fundamentals (or Advanced) workshop.

Samantha Meysohn <Samantha@cpeace.ngo>
Wednesday, January 08, 2020

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