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Subject: Course: Bioinformatics Analysis for Conservation Genomics (Oct 10-19, 2018)

This course, held on the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute campus in Front Royal Virginia, is designed to provide attendees at any career stage with a theoretical understanding of the methods used in conservation genomics, along with the practical skills necessary to design and carry out the analysis component of a conservation genomics study. While an introduction to theoretical aspects of each of the analytical steps will be given, the emphasis of the course will be on hands-on training, enabling the participants to complete the full range of analysis steps encountered in conservation genomics research. Analytical modules will include genome assembly (trimming, assembly techniques, quality assessment), genome annotation, mapping low coverage genome data to a reference genome, SNP calling, demographic analysis, and estimation of genome wide diversity. All exercises will use real data and will utilize the Smithsonian High Performance Computing Cluster. 

Find out more details and apply from this link: https://smconservation.gmu.edu/programs/graduate-and-professional/bioinformatics-analysis-for-conservation-genomics/

Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation <SCBItraining@si.edu>
Thursday, May 24, 2018

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