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Subject: COURSE: Bioinformatics Analysis for Conservation Genomics (Oct 9-18, 2019)

DATE: October 9-18, 2019

LOCATION: Front Royal, Virginia, USA

This course is designed to provide attendees at any career stage with a theoretical understanding of the methods used in conservation genomics along with the practical skills necessary to design and carry out the analysis component of a conservation genomics study. The course will begin with an overview of conservation genomics, comparison of different next generation sequencing platforms, and the analytical factors to consider when beginning a conservation genomics study. The rest of the course will focus on the bioinformatics analysis behind a conservation study, including: genome assembly (trimming, assembly techniques, quality assessment), genome annotation, mapping low coverage genome data to a reference genome, SNP calling, demographic analysis, and estimation of genome-wide diversity. These steps will all be accomplished with real data used in a recent conservation genomics study and performed on the Smithsonian High Performance Computing Cluster (SI/HPC). By the end of the course, attendees will have acquired the necessary background and applied knowledge to implement genomic analyses for the conservation of endangered species.

The original application deadline has been extended. Applications will now be accepted until September 2, 2019.

To apply either follow links from the course webpage HERE, or go directly to our application system HERE and create a profile to get started.

Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation <SCBITraining@si.edu>
Monday, August 12, 2019

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