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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Learn the basic concepts of data science in R. Examples used in learning are tailored to the needs of students, researchers, and professionals in wildlife- and ecology-related disciplines. This course can be used as a prerequisite for Introduction to Ecological Modeling in R: https://www.centerforwildlifestudies.org/courses/ecpmodel-r-online-2021


  • Orientation to CRAN and RStudio
  • Install and load packages
  • Writing scripts, running code, and dealing with error messages
  • Importing, organizing, querying, and transforming data
  • Exploring and visualizing data (scatter plots, bar and line charts, & box plots)
  • Calculating summary statistics
  • Tips for cleaning code and figures for publication & sharing

DETAILS: https://www.centerforwildlifestudies.org/courses/r-intro-online-2021

DATES: March 1-5, 2021 (+1 additional week to ask follow-up questions and work with an instructor on a personal project)

PREREQUISITE: No prior experience using R is expected.

CREDIT: 21 CEUs in Category I of the Certified Wildlife Biologist Renewal program and Category I of the Professional Development Certificate program. Credit can also be used to earn an Associate or Certified Wildlife Biologist certification through The Wildlife Society.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Full and partial scholarships are available. See course ad for details.

EARLY-BIRD DEADLINE: January 31, 2021 ($50 off)

CENTER FOR WILDLIFE STUDIES is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote wildlife conservation and education worldwide through research and specialized training.

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Monday, January 04, 2021

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