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Subject: Going Live on January 16: Behavior Change for Conservation Workshop Series

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

In less than two weeks, my online workshop series on creating conservation movements is going live!

This six-week program will provide fresh insights, ideas and tools for getting audiences to rally behind environmental actions and adopt more sustainable behaviors.

Each lesson is delivered live and online (by me) with plenty of opportunities for discussion, interaction and questions. 

Together we will dive into the following six topics:

  • Identifying and prioritizing the most realistic conservation behaviors to promote.
  • Defining audience segments and exploring their "spheres of influence".
  • Understanding the tangible and psychological reasons why people don't take action.
  • Exploring ways of reducing deterrents and leveraging external and internal motivators to spark action.
  • Selecting message frames and image options that work hard to achieve behavior objectives.
  • Choosing the most effective and cost-efficient outreach and communication methods.

By the end of the workshop series, you will be equipped with a set of insights, worksheets, and concepts that can be applied to a variety of conservation efforts. 

Learn more about the workshop and register by January 15th at this link: https://brooketully.com/making-moves/

NOTE to SCB members: you can get 10% off the standard rate by using the coupon code conbio when registering!

For even more information, watch this course overview webinar: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/making-moves-live-qa

Hope to see you online on January 16th!

Brooke Tully <brooke@brooketully.com>
Thursday, January 03, 2019

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