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Subject: International Woodpecker Conference 2019; Białowieza, Poland

Registration and abstract submission for the 8th International Woodpecker Conference in Białowieża National Park (BNP) to be held from 16 to 20 March 2019 has been extended to November 25th. Abstracts must be submitted online at https://www.woodpeckers2019.com, where participants can also register and find other important information (venue, deadlines, fees, etc.).

The conference will focus on the conservation and ecology of woodpeckers and will be jointly organized by Siedlce University, Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS Warsaw, Opole University, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań, Warsaw University of Life Sciences (all Poland) and the Special Interest Group (SIG) Woodpeckers of the German Ornithological Society (DO-G). The conference aims to bring together woodpecker researchers from across the globe and to provide an international forum for discussion on how woodpecker research can improve our understanding of behavior, ecology and conservation sciences.

For inquiries, please contact Dorota Czeszczewik (dorota.czeszczewik@uph.edu.pl), head of the local organizing committee, or Gilberto Pasinelli (gilberto.pasinelli@vogelwarte.ch), chair of the scientific committee.

Looking forward to seeing you in Białowieża!

Gilberto Pasinelli <gilberto.pasinelli@vogelwarte.ch>
Friday, November 09, 2018

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