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Subject: My Review about eToro Philippines

eToro Philippines is universally recognized as one of the best brokers in the world, particularly suitable for those interested in social and copy trading services. In general, for many investors eToro is perfect as a first broker, while the average high spreads, the prohibition of scalping, hedging and using EAs, makes eToro unsuitable for some specific categories of Day Trader.

eToro Philippines is comfortable and suitable for those with slightly longer time horizons, for those interested in cryptocurrencies or the stock market without commissions offered by the broker.

To try all these services, eToro Philippines offers an unlimited demo account with virtual $ 100,000, which is by no means a discounted offer. In fact, with a few simple steps, you can access the platform by personally checking costs, services, and the general experience offered by eToro.

Bitcoin and cryptoassets

While not a specialized exchange, eToro Philippines offers highly respected crypto services, with 17 cryptocurrencies for a total of over 90 cryptoassets that also include crypto-currency crosses.

As an exchange, eToro allows you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as real starting from $ 25, also giving the possibility to transfer them within the eToroX crypto wallet in exchange for an additional commission.

One problem with cryptocurrency trading on eToro is the spread, which is on average high compared to other brokers. On Bitcoin it is more or less stable at around 0.75%, while on other cryptocurrencies it can reach 5% in moments of particular volatility.

If you are interested in speculating on cryptocurrencies in the short term, we strongly advise against eToro. If, on the other hand, the horizon is long-term, eToro Philippines remains a valid alternative to traditional exchanges.

Crypto Wallet

eToro Philippines also offers a free crypto wallet to store you coins. You can store well over 100 hundred different coins, including coins you may have bought through different services. I like that this service is included with my eToro account, as most specialised Bitcoin exchanges don't come with a built-in wallet.

Jeremy <tim.platz.92@gmail.com>
Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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