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Subject: Occupancy Modelling - Revelstoke BC - Oct 25-28

The presence or absence of a species in a set of units (polygons, landscape units, territories, etc.) is a fundamental concept in many ecological studies (e.g. resource selection modelling, biodiversity, range). Visits to sampled units can results in a positive detection of a species or a non-detection of the species in that unit. However, a species may not always be detected if present which results in “false negatives”. If the issue of detectablity is not accounted for, estimates that rely on the level of occupancy can be misleading. This workshop covers methods for modelling species occurrence while accounting for potential false negatives.

This three day course will be taught by Dr. Carl Schwarz.

For more information and to register, check out our event webpage: http://cmiae.org/event/occupancy-modelling-course/

Mia King <office@cmiae.org>
Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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