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Subject: Spatial capture-recapture training workshop 29-31 August 2016 St Andrews Scotland

Training workshop in St Andrews 29-31 August 2016. Instructors are David Borchers and Ben Stevenson of the Univ of St Andrews.

Having filled a similar workshop in the U.S. in late June, this three day workshop is being offered in the U.K.

Data from camera traps, hair snares, acoustic detectors, mist nets or single-catch traps will be considered.  Surveys that generate binary, count or time-to-detection data will be discussed. Participants will get hands-on training in estimating detection probabilities as well as density or abundance estimates.  Issues of measures of precision and model selection will be discussed.  Use of spatially-references variables for generating predictions of animal density across landscapes will be demonstrated.

Intended audience consists of biologists who intend to, or are currently using spatial capture-recapture methods for the estimation of  abundance/density/distribution.  The workshop will be hands-on, primarily using the R package 'secr', although mention will be made of addition  software.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own data formatted for use by 'secr' or 'admbsecr'. Familiarity with the R language is assumed and will be aided with pre-workshop online tutorials.

Further information and registration details for St Andrews workshop can be found at

Eric Rexstad <>
Friday, June 03, 2016

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