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Subject: Urban Ecology Field Course

The Urban Ecology Field Lab is an 8-week interdisciplinary program that will train the next generation of environmental leaders in social and ecological methods so that they can engage with local communities for the betterment of both people and nature. The program will be held at The Field Museum in Chicago from June 11th to August 3rd, 2018. It will be led by anthropologists, ecologists, biologists, and conservation scientists from the Museum and surrounding Chicago-based universities who are at the cutting-edge of their fields.

The Urban Ecology Field Lab is open to undergraduates or beginning graduate students. It may also interest those who are taking a gap year. Your field of study is less important as a background to the course than your passion for science and human communities. You'll work with teams of students from different backgrounds and institutions who share this passion. You'll complement, educate, and inspire one another, as you address problems of common concern about nature and culture in the big city. Together, you will learn about the biological and cultural diversity that occurs in the Chicago region, explore anthropological and ecological approaches to the challenges presented by urban conservation, and develop skills that will enable you to conduct your own research projects.

Go here to learn more about the course: https://www.fieldmuseum.org/science/research/area/keller-science-action-center/science-action-chicago/urban-ecology-field-lab Applications are due by March 30th, 2018 and notification of acceptance will be sent out by April 6th, 2018. To apply, email aderby@fieldmuseum.org and request an application.

Abigail Derby Lewis <aderby@fieldmuseum.org>
Sunday, February 11, 2018

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