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Subject: Wildlife Bioacoustics, Intro course

March 3-5, 2020, Revelstoke BC

Course Description

Automated recording technology and software has grown immensely in usability and popularity in the last decade. Many biologists are attracted to the technology by potential for increased data capture, reduced logistical cost, reduced observer effect, opportunity to revisit field data and increased safety in remote areas or during nighttime surveys. Even with the recent improvements, bioacoustical surveys can seem intimidating with the initial cost of purchase and potential for recording failure. The main goal of this course is to provide attendees with hands-on knowledge of available technology, techniques, and assessment capabilities so they can confidently make decisions on when and how to implement bioacoustical surveys for vocal terrestrial species (birds, anurans, and mammals including bats).

This course will include information about legislation in BC that affects survey planning and execution, as well as techniques for higher-level analysis.

This course is offered over 3-days in a conference room setting. There is no field component, however, there will be plenty of opportunity to get hands-on with devices and software. We will also discuss field placement and planning as well as troubleshooting so students are prepared to make decisions in-the-field.

More about this course here: https://cmiae.org/event/introduction-to-wildlife-bioacoustics/

Hailey Ross <office@cmiae.org>
Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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