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Subject: Women Making Waves for Nature: free workshops linking leadership skills to conservation action

For information on how you can sponsor women to attend these workshops or host future workshops, please scroll to end of announcement.

Seventh Generation Institute announces two free workshops (Basic and Advanced) on women’s leadership, collaboration and communication skills for professionals or graduate students in conservation.

Quick Workshop Information

Workshops will be held on Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.

Basic workshop October 15 2019. Advanced workshop October 17 2019. This allows for a day off between workshops while keeping the trip costs low and staggered skill building. Since workshops are free, we recommend that participants take both courses to practice skills and build professional networks.

Each workshop is a very intensive 1-day program employing a variety of methods with emphasis on group interaction. Methods typically include advance readings, large and small group exercises, video speakers, instruction and shared discussions.

An informal networking event is planned for the evening after each workshop which will likely be a beach picnic that participants will organize together.

Workshops are free, but participants are responsible for their own costs of transportation, lodging and meals.

Goals, Format and Content

Women – both professionals and community leaders - bring many unique skills to conservation. Skills which are often unrecognized and under-utilized.

The goals of the workshops are to achieve more effective conservation outcomes by:

  • strengthening the unique leadership skill set of women working in conservation;
  • developing a peer network of women conservationists who can share ideas, support and lessons learned over time.

Course content will be driven in part by an informal needs assessment via advance input from the attendees – please see more info under Registration below. 

Below is a summary of topics typically covered for participants who take the full set of two courses.

  • Leadership styles explained.
  • Identifying and enhancing your personal style of leadership.
  • Myths of leadership. What leadership is not.
  • Links between leadership, communication and collaboration.
  • Establishing an effective culture of team work for work groups, meetings and collaborations, with emphasis on communication, adaptability, innovation and diversity.
  • Problem-solving techniques to address challenging resource management issues.
  • Conflict resolution techniques, avoiding conflicts, working with "difficult" people and “stuck” situations.
  • Inspiring others – and ourselves – techniques for compelling stories and speaking in public.
  • A collection of quick tips for greater effectiveness.
  • Creating a road map to use new skills, continue learning and maintain a professional network

Workshop content was co-developed by Cathryn Wild (see below) and Anne Walton, formerly of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Versions of this workshop have been extensively taught in the Mediterranean and South Pacific regions.

Registration and Questions

Questions may be sent to Ralph Pastor at admin@seventh-generation.org. Please allow up to 3 business days to receive a response during this busy time of year.

To register:

Send an email to Ralph Pastor at admin@seventh-generation.org with the subject line stating whether you wish to register for the Basic, the Advanced, or both courses.
In the email, state your institutional affiliation – whether agency, NGO, community organization, or educational institution, the approximate number of years you have been in the conservation field and your current position or title. Later, we will ask for additional information to share at the workshop.

Please also state a brief description of your specific areas of leadership interest, or challenges or obstacles in your work. Responses will be compiled and course content will reflect the most numerous responses from the attendees so that we can better serve your needs.

These professional development workshops require a minimum participation of 12 and a maximum participation of 24. Seventh Generation Institute reserves the right to:1) cancel workshops which do not meet the minimum attendance; 2) add additional workshop dates in response to demand - please receive confirmation of your attendance before making non-refundable travel arrangements; or 3) select the candidates most likely to benefit from and/or contribute to the workshops, in the event of high demand. 

A photographer/videographer will be present at the workshops and all participants will be asked to sign a photo/video/audio release upon arrival at the workshop. Photos will be made available to all participants. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not register. It is not possible to photograph some participants while leaving others out of the image.

Workshop Leader – Cathryn Wild, Seventh Generation Institute

Workshops are facilitated by Cathryn Wild, Executive Director of Seventh Generation Institute. Ms. Wild has twenty years of broad experience in conservation, with the last twelve years at the Institute. This has included working with communities and stakeholder groups to develop protected area management and use plans in California, Colombia, Honduras and the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, as well as managing multi-stakeholder projects for the Coastal Conservancy in California, training citizen scientists and delivering dozens of presentations and workshops to the public, to stakeholders and at scientific conferences.

Cathryn Wild holds an M.S. in environmental management, with emphasis in conservation biology, from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a B.S. in Agricultural Education in addition to teaching credentials in Life Science and Vocational Agriculture from the University of California at Davis. Ms. Wild is also a member of the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management.

The mission of Seventh Generation Institute is to build a vibrant future for people and nature through conserving, restoring and promoting responsible use of resources. The unifying theme in the Institute’s work is to increase impact through innovation, all types of investment, and intelligent collaboration. We call it “New School” conservation to distinguish it from old school traditional environmentalism.

To learn more about Cathryn Wild and Seventh Generation Institute, visit our website at www.seventh-generation.org.

You Can Support Women AND Conservation

While workshops are free, participants are responsible for their own costs of transportation, lodging and meals. That leaves out some women that could greatly benefit.

If you are interested in elevating both women AND conservation, your financial support can help Seventh Generation Institute expand this program and provide more of these workshops, to more women, in more roles and in more places. Visit the Institute’s website at www.seventh-generation.org  and click on any of the donate buttons to support women in conservation!

Future Workshops at Your Organization?

Bring the workshops to your colleagues or community! The current announcement is for women professionals working in conservation but additional workshops are being developed for men, and for community members who interact with each other and with professional entities.

Workshops may be offered in Spanish or other languages with appropriate arrangements and may be hosted in almost any location.

Future workshops may require a fee, depending on funding levels for this program. However, our goal is to provide the workshops free or at the lowest possible cost.  

If you are interested in hosting a future workshop, please contact Ralph Pastor at admin@seventh-generation.org.

Ralph Pastor <admin@seventh-generation.org>
Wednesday, August 14, 2019

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