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Organizing Committees

IMCC Committee Chairs
Ellen Hines, Chair
John Cigliano and Chris Parsons, Chairs of the Program Committee
Laura Joan Feyrer, Assistant to Chair & Local Organizing Committee
Phil Dearden, Local Organizing Committee
Dori Dick, Education and Outreach
Kathryn Patterson, Student Events and Participation
David McGuire, Cinema Night

Fundraising Committee
Phil Dearden
Laura Joan Feyrer
Sarah Foster
Ellen Hines
Sara Webb
Michael Webster

IMCC2 Steering Committee
Ellen Hines, San Francisco State University
John Cigliano, Cedar Crest College
Chris Parsons, George Mason University
Ratana Chuenpagdee, Dalhousie University
Isabelle Coté, Simon Fraser University
Michael De Alessi, Stanford University
Phil Dearden, University of Victoria
Laura Joan Feyrer, University of Victoria
Charlie Short, BC Ministry of Environment
Rashid Sumaila, University of British Columbia
Sadie Waddington, Sylvia Earle Foundation

SCB Social Science Working Group Representatives:
Tara Teel Murray Rudd

SCB Marine Section Board