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Conference Committee

The Conference Committee shall solicit proposals to host general meetings and workshops and provide advice and guidance to local conference planning committees. 


This committee organizes the process for selecting the hosts for each meeting and provides guidance for the local organizing committee.

Committee Members
Mike Mascia Chair
Beth Kaplin Africa Representative
Linda Olsvig-Whittaker Asia Representative
Robert Davis Oceania Representative
Andras Baldi Europe Representative
Carolyn Lundquist Marine Representative
Rurik List Latin America and Caribbean Representative
Eva Fearn North America Representative
Tracy Dobson Humanities Representative
Katrina Brandon Social Science Representative
Carlene Henneman Student Representative
Miguel Marini LOC 2005
Erica Fleishman LOC 2006


Terms of Reference

Updated: June 1, 2006

The SCB Conference Committee works with the Board of Governors (BOG) and Executive Office (EO) to implement SCB strategic goals regarding our biennial congresses of the Society. The Conference Committee acts as the Board of Governors' representative and liaison with the Executive Office, to ensure that BOG strategic goals are guiding the activities of the Meeting Coordinator (MC) and Local Organizing Committee (LOC), and to assist the MC, EO, and LOC in issues as they arise.

Specifically, the Conference Committee:

  1. Works with the Board of Governors to determine objectives and goals regarding international and regional conferences, and to develop strategies and policies consistent with the SCB Strategic Plan to implement those objectives. In collaboration with the EO and other standing committees of the Board, continually assesses the effectiveness of current policies in meeting SCB objectives, by reviewing results of annual post-conference surveys, on-going and post-conference discussions, data gathering, and other means. Researches alternatives and makes specific proposals to the Board.

    Examples of strategic issues that fall under this heading:
    • Developing a new policy for selecting locations and requesting meeting proposals;
    • proposals to hold joint meetings with other societies;
    • working on issues arising from recent change in conference business model;
    • standardizing the application process, criteria, and award amounts of travel awards;
    • standardizing policy on the number and process for selecting symposia;
    • and reassessing pattern of rotation of meetings inside and outside of North America prior to selection of 2012 meeting location (by pre-agreement with the Board).

  2. On a biennial basis, consults with the BOG and EO to strategically determine the general region in which to hold future ICCBs, and to identify and approach potential hosts within the target area. Once a potential host has been identified, works closely with the EO to review the conference proposal, provide feedback/revisions on the draft conference budget, and otherwise assist in preparing information for presentation to the BOG. Note: exact policy by which regions and hosts will be selected is currently under development (see #1 above).
  3. Consult and collaborate with other SCB standing committees, editors, and board members on conference-related issues, e.g., assessing the effectiveness of annual meeting in increasing membership among targeted groups (with the Membership Committee); developing source of perpetual funds for providing travel awards (Development Committee and section BOD's); increasing accessibility to and participation of students in annual meetings (Student Affairs Committee and section BOD's), improving awards ceremony (Award Committees); etc.
  4. Provides guidance to the Local Organizing Committee in identifying and meeting strategic goals. Chair is responsible for sending updates of new policy and/or strategic goals to the chairs of the LOC of future or on-going meetings as they are developed. While the MC serves as the primary liaison with LOC's, the Conference Committee will be called on to bring any strategic issues to the attention of the board. CC may be called upon to assist in interpreting/implementing conference guidelines, identifying potential sponsorships, plenary speakers, exhibitors, etc.; selecting a meeting theme; and other assistance as needed.
  5. During the ICCB, the Conference Committee Chair is responsible for working collaboratively with the MC to present the conference proposal under consideration to the BOG for comment/questions and ultimate approval/rejection; working with the BOG to select location for next solicitation; assessing and evaluating whether the meeting follows SCB strategic plan and policy (with MC); and participates with LOC, EO, and Executive Committee in post-conference debriefing.

Committee Membership

The Conference Committee comprises 17 members as follows:

  • Chair - Appointed by the president, serves 4 years with opportunity for renewal
  • Representatives from each of the 7 sections - are appointed by Section presidents, and are asked to serve for 2 years; terms may be renewed at the discretion of the Section president
  • Chair of LOC from 2 past meetings. 2 year terms. (does not need to be the most recent meetings)
  • One at-large student member, selected by chair of committee and serving 2 year renewable term
  • Social Sciences Representative to BOG serves for duration of his/her term on BOG
  • Humanities Representative to BOG serves for duration of his/her term on BOG
  • BOG Representatives (2 additional) serve for 2 years each
  • Meetings coordinator serves for as long as s/he holds the position
  • Executive Director serves for as long as s/he holds the position