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Get involved in the work of the SCB Marine Section

The SCB Marine Section is currently expanding Marine Section committees, led by board officers. To serve on a committee, you must be a member of the SCB Marine Section. (Ensure you are a member of the Marine Section by logging in to your conbio account. Section membership is listed under My Society Involvement. The option to join a section is located there, as well.)

If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact one of the following board members:

Marine Policy Committee

Andrew Wright, Policy Officer, New Zealand

Policy Committee Members

  • Chris Parsons, U.S. (Marine Board Past-President)
  • Leslie Cornick, U.S.
  • Kassandra Cerveny, U.S.
  • Mel Cosentino, U.K. (Marine Board Finance Officer)
  • Daniele Vila Nova, Brazil
  • Kelli Johnson, U.S.
  • Morgan Ivens-Duran, U.S.
  • Anna Zivian, U.S.

To learn more about the Marine Section Policy Committee, visit the Marine Policy web page.

Marine Science Committee

Thomas Good, Science Officer, U.S.

Science Committee Members

  • Michelle McClure, U.S.
  • Debbie Chamberlain, Australia
  • Abdul-Rahman Dirisu, Nigeria
  • Keryn Bromberg Gedan, U.S.
  • Kathryn Matthews, U.S. (Marine Board Member at Large)

For information on the Marine Section Science Committee's Small Grants Program, please visit the Small Grants page.

Marine Communication Committee

Edd Hind, Communication Committee Officer, U.K.

Communication Committee Members

  • Samantha Oester, U.S. (Marine Board President-Elect)
  • Megan Chen, Canada
  • Noelle Tubbs, South Africa
  • Matt Tietbohl, U.S.
  • Helena Fortunato, Japan
  • Taylor Goelz, U.S.
  • Naomi Yoder, U.S.
Diversity Committee

Lourdes Martinez-Estevez, Diversity Officer, U.S. and Mexico

Diversity Committee Members

  • Mel Cosentino, U.K. (Marine Board Finance Officer)
  • Samantha Oester, U.S. (Marine Board President-Elect)
  • Nicola S. Smith, The Bahamas
  • Todd Stevenson, U.S.
  • Clare Fieseler, U.S. (Marine Board Interdisciplinary Officer)
  • Leslie Cornick, U.S.
  • Ravi Nunkoo, U.K. and Republic of Mauritius

More information on the Diversity Committee coming soon. 

Marine Education Committee

Jacob Levenson, Education Officer, U.S.

Education Committee Members

  • Toni Mizerek, Australia (Marine Board Student Representative)
  • Stephan Zeeman, U.S.
  • Marissa Fox, U.S.
  • Rochelle Constantine, New Zealand
  • Erin Magee, U.S.
  • Norma Afiati , Indonesia
  • Sarah Bishop, Australia

More information on the Education Committee coming soon.

Interdisciplinary Committee

Clare Fieseler, Interdisciplinary Officer, U.S.

The new Interdisciplinary Committee is currently seeking members.