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SCB Marine Program Policy Committee

Over the last decade, the Marine Program has engaged on ocean conservation policy issues ranging from the most threatened marine mammals on earth to noise pollution to responses to shark bites.   

More recently, the committee has expanded its work to reflect a broader commitment on the part of SCB to act in a “science networker” role – providing a support system for members to more effectively and efficiently engage in policy work themselves. As part of this shift, we organize networking activities in person and online. The goal is to put members with expertise relevant to specific policy issues in touch with those who need that expertise.  This includes periodic webinars, events at meetings, and networking resources.

The committee will still engage in some specific policy activities (e.g., sign on letters). If you have a policy issue that you believe the Marine Program should be engaged in, please email Marine Policy Committee Officer Angela Bednarek with details of the issue and the action that you are proposing.

Examples of specific policy engagement activities since the inception of the committee: