Conservation Science and Practice

June 2012 Conservation Biology


  • “We define conservation practice as the application of conservation principles or theory across conservation issues, from planning and directly managing nature to influencing public policy and private behaviors—at scales from local communities to international governing bodies. … Conservation Science and Practice [is] a forum for sharing lessons learned from research and practice to reciprocally informing and improving both arenas.”

 - Conservation Science and Practice Editorial, 2019

Conservation Science and Practice publishes papers that address the policy, planning, and practice of conserving biological diversity. The journal publishes papers that expand conservation knowledge ranging from practical experience to advances in theory. The journal places special emphasis on studies that connect findings to conservation outcomes to address which strategies work as well as which strategies fail. Studies with implications for biodiversity conservation applications that rely on established methods on specific case studies are welcome, including those that do not transcend species, ecosystem, or situation. Launched in 2019, the journal is emerging as the newest source for emerging conservation ideas.

Manuscript Submissions: The journal encourages submissions that link science to practice. We are aimed at bridging the knowledge action gap by providing a venue for scientists to inform practitioners and vice versa. Manuscripts are published on a rapid schedule and in an open access format

We encourage authors to identify their target audience, whether it be other researchers or conservation practitioners. Five types of manuscripts are published by Conservation Science and Practice:

  • Reviews. Both science and practice focused reviews that comprehensively synthesize a body of conservation science or a suite of conservation practices are welcomed.
  • Contributed Papers. Research papers that report on conservation research and or practice findings.
  • Perspectives and Notes. Shorter communications that provide a forum to report on emerging ideas for conservation science and practice.
  • Letters and Comments. Commentaries that specifically relate to papers previously published in an SCB journal.
  • Evidence. Short communications specifically reporting on the outcomes of conservation practice, including policy development, planning and interventions.

See Author Guidelines for more information on these types of articles.

Accessing Journal Content: Conservation Science and Practice is an Open Access journal and can be found here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.