How to Get Involved With SCB's Regional Sections and Working Groups Policy Committees

Many of SCB's regional sections and working groups have active policy committees that initiate policy statements and other policy activities.  We encourage SCB's members to contact the policy chairs of the regional sections if you believe that a particular section should weigh in on a particular policy issue. Below are listed the policy chairs, policy directors, or global policy committee representatives for SCB's regional sections, and the presidents of SCB's working groups. At the top are listed the contacts for global policy issues.

  • Chair, Global Policy Committee - Eduardo Gallo Cajiao (as of January 2023)
  • Chair, Global Policy Committee - Melissa Price
  • Chair, IPBES Subcommittee - Carolyn Lundquist
  • Chair of Trans-sectional Policy Initiatives Subcommittee - Dominick DellaSala
Working Groups: