SCB Member Benefits

Full Member Benefits

Full SCB Members play a direct and critical role in advancing the science and practice of conserving Earth's biological diversity. Full Members enjoy an extensive list of benefits:

  • Exclusive access to Conservation Connection, an online community for SCB members to collaborate, share, and network with their peers in the field.
  • Access to SCB's monthly newsletter for the latest news and opportunities from SCB and the conservation sector, as well as opportunities to contribute to the SCB newsletter.
  • Listing in and access to SCB's searchable Membership and Expertise Directory (great networking tool)!
  • Join Global Programs, Local Chapters, and Working Groups, serve on Group boards, participate in committees, and find conservation colleagues through our Membership Expertise Database and on Conservation Connection.
  • Eligible to apply for other SCB award opportunities as available.
  • Eligible to be featured in an SCB Member Spotlight and the Member Newsletter. If you would like your project to be highlighted to SCB's membership, please email us to express your interest in participating in a Member Spotlight.
  • Opportunity to host Conservation Voices, a webinar series featuring renowned conservation experts who share their research and knowledge with SCB members on different topics throughout the year.
  • Eligible to serve on the SCB Global Network Board.

Full Members Receive Discounts to:

Full Member Special Benefits for Specific Groups

  • SCB offers Full Members in low-income countries* free online access to Conservation Biology and Biological Conservation.
  • SCB Chapter leaders may apply for Chapter Activity Grants and travel awards.
  • For graduate student members:
    • Eligible to apply for a $1,000 SCB Graduate Student Research Award.

*SCB classifies low-income countries according to the definitions of the World Bank, which uses gross national income [GNI] per capita as the main indicator. Here is a list of qualified countries.

Life Member Benefits

SCB also offers a Lifetime Membership! Life Members receive all of the benefits that Full Members receive, but pay a one-time fee to belong to SCB for their entire career, including retirement.

Associate Member Benefits

  • Access to SCB newsletters
  • Eligible to participate in SCB webinars
  • Access to SCB's online community
  • Choose one Region with option to join Committees, Working Groups, Global Programs, task forces, and to serve on the Program and Regional Council Boards*
  • Access to the SCB network
  • Visibility in the conservation science community
  • The opportunity to nominate individuals for awards and elected positions in SCB
  • The right to vote on SCB bylaw changes

*Regions, Working Groups, Global Programs, Chapters, and the Program and Regional Council will determine which level of membership is needed to serve on those boards.