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International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB)

The Society for Conservation Biology's International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) is recognized as the most important international meeting for conservation professionals and students. ICCBs are a forum for addressing conservation challenges. They are the global venue for presenting and discussing new research and developments in conservation science and practice. Most importantly, they connect our global community of conservation professionals and serve as the major networking outlook for anyone interested in conservation. ICCB attendance ranges from 1,500 - 2,200. 

The first ICCB was held in 1988 in Bozeman, Montana, USA. Since then, SCB Global congresses have been held in Africa, Oceania, Europe, Asia and North and South America. Plenary sessions are presented by conservation leaders and visionaries - speakers have included Richard Cowling, Peter Kareiva, Gustavo Fonseca, Jeremy Jackson, Jane Lubchenco, Sir Robert May, EJ Milner-Gulland, Arun Agrawal, Brigitte Baptiste and Michael Soulé, just to name a few. Each year the congress features numerous symposia, concurrent sessions, workshops, short courses and field trips. Past symposia have included such diverse topics as: the population biology of invasive species; global amphibian decline; how to integrate conservation research into policy; indigenous communities and conservation; comparing marine and terrestrial ecosystems–implications for conservation theory and practice; the application of top predator distribution to the design and efficacy of reserves; conservation marketing; and real-world social and economic solutions to preserve biodiversity.

Our attendees are concerned with the science and practice of conserving biological diversity. The ICCB is always global in scope, bringing together conservation professionals and students from every sector of the field including the biological and social sciences, management, policy and planning. Attendees work for universities, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private foundations and organizations and publications. They are scientists, students, managers, policy-makers, writers, educators and other conservation professionals from throughout the world. Some come to present, others come for the incredible networking opportunities of the congress, so join us!

Please be aware: The Society for Conservation Biology and Conservation Biology journal are not associated with the WASET congress called ICCB: 19th International Conference on Conservation Biology planned for April 2018 in London, UK. The congress has been reported to the International Congress and Convention Association.

SCB Group Congresses

The Society for Conservation Biology various regional, local and topical groups may also sponsor their own meeting on off-years of SCB Global Meetings.

SCB Section Congresses

The Society for Conservation Biology's Regional Sections represent seven different geographic regions and disciplines around the globe. SCB's Sections strive to facilitate conservation biology and educate groups in their specific regions and disciplines. In order to do this, symposia are often organized at ICCBs and many Sections organize their own Regional Congresses.

The first Regional Congress was held in November 2005 in Kathmandu, Nepal and was organized by SCB Asia Section followed by the first European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB) in Eger, Hungary. The attendance at Regional Meetings varies from hundreds to thousands of participants, depending on the location of the congress. Many Sections are planning Regional Congresses in the near future that you can find listed here. Hope you will join us!

SCB Topical Working Groups

Working Groups of SCB are groups that focus on a topical area relevant to the mission and goals of SCB. Working Groups provide a voice for important conservation issues not currently addressed amongst SCB's many activities.  In order to do this, symposia are often organized at SCB biennial international meetings, but Working Groups may also sponsor their own Topical Meetings.

The first Topical Working Group Congress is to be held in November 2018 in Washington, D.C., USA by the Conservation Marketing Working Group. Hope you will join us!

SCB Local Chapters

Chapters provide a fun and easy way for SCB members to become involved in conservation activities at the local level. By joining a nearby Chapter, SCB members can engage in on-the-ground conservation work, public policy, education from grade school to college, public outreach, and many other important and fun activities. Chapters also provide support and networking for SCB's many members who are scattered across the globe. In order to do this, chapter activities are often organized at SCB biennial international meetings, but each chapter may also sponsor their own Local Meetings

Many chapters have organized local meetings in partnership with universities around the globe. Hope you will join us!


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