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SCB Membership

Advancing the science and practicing of conserving Earth's biological diversity requires a globalized approach that maximizes collaboration amongst professionals from all fields, not just biology.  With more than 4,000 members worldwide, scientists, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, educators, students, organizations, and supporters collaborate with one another in a manner that transcends borders to advance the SCB vision and mission.  

If you are working to prevent the loss of biodiversity---no matter what career stage you are in or where you are located--SCB is YOUR professional Society! With 7 regional Sections, 37 localized Chapters, and 7 topical Working Groups, SCB offers unparalleled opportunities for you to further your professional development, connect with leaders in the conservation community, and engage in impactful efforts and activities.  Join or renew today to take advantage of SCB’s expansive member benefits.  

Annual Membership Categories & Rates Into July 2018

Two and three year membership packages are available at discounted rates. Look for the multi-year options when you review your order following Step 6 of the join process.  

      If you are from a Developed Country... Annual Dues
     Professional  $80
         +Add online delivery of Conservation Biology    $150
         +Add print & online delivery of  Conservation Biology $170
      Student or Retired $20
        +Add online delivery of Conservation Biology $90
        +Add print & online delivery of Conservation Biology $110
      If you are from a Developing Country...*  
     Professional, Student OR Retired** $20
        +Add print delivery of Conservation Biology $110

*SCB provides a Professional, Student and Retired membership discount to residents from developing countries according to definitions of the World Bank. 

**All members in developing countries receive complimentary online access to Conservation Biology and Biological Conservation
Membership Types

SCB offers three types of membership, depending upon where you are in your career. 

Professional Member
A member who is neither retired, nor a student.  Typically this includes conservation scientists, educators, resource managers, and government and non-profit personnel
Student Member
A student member is working toward an degree (high school, undergraduate, and graduate degrees all qualify)
Retired Member
A member who is retired from the field and who is no longer a working professional.

Membership Categories & Rates as of 1 July 2018

Individual Memberships
A new membership dues structure will go into effect in July-2018.  SCB will transition from a "location-based" dues structure to an "income-based" dues structure.  
New and renewing members will be asked to select one of the following membership categories:
  • Professsional
  • Student
  • Retired
  • Lifetime
  • Emeritus

If Professional, Student, or Retired is selected, you will be asked to select your annual gross income range (in USD equivalent).  The table below identifies the dues rates for these annual income amounts, regardless of the category selected.  Please note that discount incentives are offered for multi-year memberships.

A new Lifetime membership is offered that provides a long-term cost-saving option and a new Emeritus membership is offered to recognize individuals who have been an SCB member for 30 contiguous years.

To respect your income privacy, SCB will not confirm the income level you select, but we request that members utilize this honor system in a way that reflects their income validity.

Professional, Student, or Retired Membership Dues (USD)
Annual Gross Income (USD Equivalent) 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
More than $75,000 $120 $230 (115/yr, 4% discount) $320 ($106.6/year, 12% discount)
Between $50,000 and less than $75,000 $90 $170 ($85/yr, 6% discount) $230 ($76.6/yr, 16% discount)
Between $20,000 and less than $50,000 $60 $110 ($55/yr, 9% discount) $140 ($46.6/yr, 25% discount)
Below $20,000 $30 $50 ($25/yr, 18% discount) $70 ($23.3/yr, 25% discount)
Lifetime Membership $2,500  
Emeritus (30 Continuous Years) Free  

Students and individuals in developed countries will have the option to add an online subscription to Conservation Biology to their membership for $70 and a print subscription for $90. Subscriptions run concurrently with your membership and rates adust accordingly when you add two and three year memberships. 

All members from developing countries will still receive complimentary online access to Conservation Biology and Biological Conservation with their membership and may still purchase print subscriptions for $90.   

Organizational or Commercial Memberships

Organizational Members are non-profit businesses, such as non-governmental environmental organizations, universities and colleges, zoos and aquariums, and government agencies that include conservation or science as part of their mission statement or work.

Commercial Members are for-profit businesses or enterprises, such as environmental consultants, publishers, banks, certification organizations, congress organizers, and manufacturers of scientific equipment, that strive to ensure no net loss of biodiversity, reduce or offsets environmental degradation, supports sustainable development, and/or sustains human rights.

Organizational OR Commercial Membership Dues (USD)
Annual Budget Amount (USD equivalent) 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
<$1 Million annual budget $300 $580 $860
$1-<$3 Million annual budget $500 $980 $1,460
$3 Million-<$6 Million annual budget $1,000 $1,980 $2,060
$6-<10 Million annual budget $3,000 $5,080 $8,060
>$10 Million annual bedget $5,000 $9,080 $14,060

Friends of SCB

Friends of SCB are individuals who do not work in the field of conservation science, do want to support the conservation and/or value the integrity of science.  Individuals may make an annual or multi-year tax deductible donation to the Society which will in turn, play a critical role in advancing the science and practice of conserving Earth's biological diversity.  Friends of SCB become part of a Society that serves in vital regional, national & international conservation and policy forums and receive our quarterly pubic online news magazine "Conservation Science Matters" and access to SCB’s public Online Conservation Connection Communities.

Friends of SCB Donation (USD)
Level of Support 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Supporter $50 $90 $130
Protector $75 $140 $205
Guardian $100 $190 $280
Defender $250 $490 $730
Champion $500 $990 $1,480
Conservator $750 & up $1,490 & up $2,230 & up

Refund Policy:
SCB members who are not satisfied with their membership may request a refund of their membership dues within 30 days of their join date. Refunds will not be issued for memberships that include print subscriptions to Conservation Biology, Pacific Conservation Biology, or Biological Conservation. Refunds will be issued to the credit / debit card used to purchase the membership, or through Paypal. Wire transfer fees for refunds made by bank transfer are the responsibility of the member.
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