SCB is YOUR Professional Society!

Founded in 1986 by conservation leaders such as E.O. Wilson, Thomas Lovejoy, and Michael Soulé, the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) proudly serves as the premier global membership society of professionals, students, and non-profit organizations who dedicate their work towards furthering the science and practice of biodiversity conservation.  

The SCB membership has expertise across ALL professional conservation fields!  From biology to ecology to marketing to technology to genetics to education to corporate responsibility (and more)….SCB members are using their wide-ranging expertise to conserve wildlife and wild places all around the world!

Join us or renew today to:

  • Become part of a greater community of individuals working towards the critically important goal of saving wildlife and wild places;  
  • Connect with peers, mentors and other conservation leaders across the world to establish professional contacts, share ideas, and collaborate with other professionals outside of your company;
  • Gain a competitive edge and broader perspective by staying informed about important conservation-profession trends and practices; 
  • Feel energized and refreshed by participating in regional, local and international activities and Congresses;
  • Grow your knowledge and skills through professional development opportunities.

Learn more about membership benefits here.

Membership Types

SCB offers Individual and Organizational memberships. Learn about each type below and find a complete list membership benefits on the Individual Member and Organizational Member pages of the SCB website.

Individual membership is ideal for professionals, students, and retired persons working to advance the science and practice of conserving Earth's biodiversity, including conservation and social scientists, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, educators, and students. Individuals select from the following membership types:

  • Professional: Ideal for conservation professionals in the natural and and social sciences, including scientists, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and educators. 
  • Student: From undergraduates to masters students and PhD candidates, student memberships are for individuals enrolled in an institution of higher education. 
  • Retired: For individuals who are retired from full time work as a conservation professional.
  • Lifetime: Life members pay a one time fee to belong to SCB for their entire career, including retirement.

Organizational Memberships  offer organizations the opportunity to join the Society. Organizational members are non-profit businesses, such as non-governmental environmental organizations, universities and colleges, zoos and aquariums, and government agencies that include conservation or science as part of their mission statement or work.