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About SCB Meetings

SCB Sections, SCB topical Working Groups. and SCB Chapters all hold group meetings to connect with others in their region or topic.  Symposia are often organizd at SCB bienniel meetings to connect members in specific regions or topics, but SCB groups also may sponser their own congresses.

Section Congress

SCB's Regional Sections represent various geographic regions and disciplines around the globe. The Sections strive to facilitate conservation biology and educate groups in their specific regions or disciplines. In order to do this, symposia are often organized at SCB annual meetings, but Sections may also sponsor their own Regional Meetings. 

SCB's Global Congresses (ICCBs) are now held every other year, and Section Congresses will be held in the off years. For example, there will be an ICCB in 2017 and in 2019, and multiple Section Congresses will be held in 2018 and 2020. 

SCB's flagship congress is the International Congress for Conservation Biology. See a list of past and future ICCB here

Upcoming Congresses
At least five SCB groups will host meetings in 2020. Following are all SCB Group Congresses in 2020 that have set meeting dates.

  • North America Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB 2020)
    Crossing Boundaries: Innovative Approaches to Restoration
    Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Denver, Colorado, USA
    July 26-31, 2020
    Visit the meeting website 
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  • International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC6)
    Make Marine Science Matter!
    Kiel, Germany
    August 21-27, 2020
    Visit the meeting website
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  • Oceania Section Congress (OCCB 2020)
    Ola ka 'āina momona: Managing for abundance
    Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    August 31-September 3, 2020
    Visit the Oceania website for more
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Working Group Congress

Working Groups of SCB are groups that focus on a topical area relevant to the mission and goals of SCB. Working Groups provide a voice for important conservation issues not currently addressed amongst SCB's many activities.  In order to do this, symposia are often organized at SCB biennial international meetings, but Working Groups may also sponsor their own Topical Meetings. For more information about existing SCB Working Groups and the topic covered, or how to create your own topical working group please visit SCB Topical Working Group page.

 Upcoming Congresses:

  • Working Group congresses will be listed in this space when they are announced

Chapter Congress

Chapters provide a fun and easy way for SCB members to become involved in conservation activities at the local level. By joining a nearby Chapter, SCB members can engage in on-the-ground conservation work, public policy, education from grade school to college, public outreach, and many other important and fun activities. Chapters also provide support and networking for SCB's many members who are scattered across the globe. In order to do this, chapter activities are often organized at SCB biennial international meetings, but each chapter may also sponsor their own Local Meetings.  For more information about existing SCB Local Chapters, or how to create your own chapter please visit SCB Local Chapter page.

  Upcoming Congresses:

  • No upcoming congress at this time

Past Group Congress Information

  • Learn more about past group congresses here.