SCB Transitions to a Global Network 

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Our Goal

SCB is in the implementation phase of its transition to new governance structures and operations that support the global SCB network. Implementation work encourages participation by the membership and does not disrupt current operations and services. SCB is working with nRhythm to transition to these new structures in a way that recognizes the diverse and unique opportunities and challenges of SCB’s regions, programs, chapters, working groups, committees and members.

Through our work with nRhythm, SCB aims to become a regenerative organization, defined as “a living, evolving and naturally functioning organization where abundance and resilience are recurring outcomes of its underlying health.”

Learn more about the transition, restructure and our key goals and structural recommendations here

Watch a video from SCB President Tony Lynam on Vision 2026 below.

"In a connected world, power no longer emanates from the top of the heap, but the centre of the network." ― Greg Satell 


March 2023 Update
SCB members approve revisions to the Society’s bylaws.

January 2023 Update
SCB Transition milestones 2021-2023.

September 2021 Update
SCB Board approves the new business model and governance structure for the global network. 

August 2021 Update 
Town Hall style meetings, what we heard from SCB members, and what's coming this fall.

June 2021 Update
Welcoming a new member of the TIG, next steps and questions submitted by members on the transition to a global network. 

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Send any questions or concerns to SCB Managing Director Warren Sander.