SCB Transition Updates: September 2021

SCB Board Approves Business Model and Governance Structure for Global Network

The latest highlights and updates on the transition process

SCB reached a major milestone in its restructure this month when its board of governors passed a motion to adopt the new governance and business model to transition  the Society to a global collaborative network with decentralized decision making and resources that empower regional sections, chapters and members to advance conservation science, policy and practice. 

SCB also launched a webpage to cover the news of the transition, provide an overview of the restructure and to let members know how they can get involved in the next phases of implementation. The site also includes summaries of the approved governance and business models.

Global Governance Structure

The Governance Structure ensures voices of all members of the Society are heard and offers pathways for all members to be decision-makers with regard to strategy, identity, process and resource allocation. It will comprise of 4 key governance bodies: 

The Global Network Board is the legal board of SCB. It is composed of board officers, with equal representation of the Regional Council and Programs Council. It is charged to make the legal and fiduciary decisions for SCB as well decisions that integrate the interests of the Regional and Programs Councils. 

The Regional Council will be made up of Section leaders and represent the interests of members across geographic regions, support local Chapters and drive global membership. Decision-making on issues relating to regional membership engagement and activity sits with the Regional Council.

The Programs Council is made up of leaders of Working Groups, Global Programs, Committees and Taskforces, represents the interests of members across themes and interests, and also drives global membership. Decision making on programmatic vision and direction will sit with the Program Council.

The Global Services Team is the paid employees of the society and are charged to support network connectivity, information flow, communication, and convening across the governance spheres.

The SCB Board of Governors approved a motion to adopt a global governance model that will be composed of four key bodies. 

Business Model

The global business model provides a year over year growth model for five years to reach a set of revenue targets, targets for revenue sharing amongst Global Services and the six sections, and a dedicated annual funding for the programs and for EID efforts.

Visit the transition webpage for more on the restructure, including an executive summary of the governance model. 

New Phase of the Transition

The Society’s transition to a global network is moving into a new phase of implementation. In the coming weeks, members of the Transition Implementation Group will meet representatives from SCB Working Groups, Sections, Chapters, and the Governance and EID Committees to discuss setting up the regional and program councils and structures to support Chapters.  

In continued collaboration. 

SCB Transition Implementation Group