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Society for Conservation Biology Marine Program
Diversity Committee and Initiatives

The new SCB Marine Diversity Committee and Initiatives were developed to encourage diversity of members and to fulfill the need to promote diversity in the broader conservation and science communities.

The SCB Marine Diversity Committee is overseen by SCB Marine Diversity Officer Lourdes Martinez-Estevez; SCB Marine President-Elect Edd Hind-Ozan; and SCB Marine President Katie Matthews.

Mission and Goals

The Diversity Committee will help meet the needs of Marine Program members  with the goal of increasing diversity in the following areas, including (but not limited to) international and racial, socioeconomic, religious, professional, varying abilities, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation, as well as other diversity issues that may arise.

The Diversity Committee has the following major missions: 

  1. Encourage diversity of Marine Program membership through outreach, education, and funding initiatives;
  2. Support local diversity activities by Marine Program members (e.g. regional workshops, community outreach, publications, white papers);
  3. Work with the SCB Diversity Committee to organize and implement diversity workshops and other activities at ICCB meetings and other national and international conferences, and to support Marine Program members in ongoing diversity training.

The Diversity Committee will also work closely with the International Marine Conservation Congress Meeting Chairs and SCB Marine President to accomplish the following goals specific to IMCC:

  1. Find funding opportunities for delegates from developing countries and help those delegates apply; 
  2. Work with the local organizing committee and IMCC Meeting Chairs to provide assistance to delegates who are differently abled;
  3. Work with the local organizing committee and IMCC Meeting Chairs to provide assistance to delegates who do not speak English or for whom English is a second language;
  4. Work with the fundraising committee to secure sponsorships specifically for diversity;
  5. Work with the local organizing committee and IMCC Meeting Chairs to reach out to potential international delegates, especially in countries that may be underserved;
  6. Plan IMCC diversity forums;
  7. Work with the Communications Chair to encourage delegate diversity;
  8. Submit a report of activities with recommendations to the SCB Diversity Committee.

The Marine Program Diversity Committee is responsible for ensuring continuing progress toward the vision of the SCB Diversity Initiative. The Committee will set priorities and provide guidance to the SCB Marine Executive Committee in the design and implementation of a dynamic suite of activities and resources to help members gain the skills necessary to meet the needs of and reflect the diverse communities they serve. The Committee will ensure that equity and diversity activities are closely aligned with SCB strategic priorities and responsive to the diverse needs and capabilities of members.

In the process, the Marine Program Diversity Committee is committed to helping to develop new and interesting ways for the membership to gain more from attending the congress. By ensuring that IMCC represents the diversity in the field of marine conservation biology, non-members may realize the value of the Society for Conservation Biology and the Marine Program and decide to become members.

Join the Effort

If you have suggestions or questions for the SCB Marine Diversity Committee, or if you would like to join the committee, please contact Lourdes Martinez-Estevez, SCB Marine Diversity Officer.