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About LACA 2024

The Latin American and Caribbean Section (LACA) is a region of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) that was formed to pull on the influence and abilities of its members to facilitate conservation efforts in this region. SCB is a global community with representatives from over 140 countries. LACA represents all countries south from Mexico and the Caribbean but some of our members collaborate with the North America section (SCBNA) on transboundary conservation issues. Furthermore, we have members from other regions such Asia, and Australia, which creates an incredible network of conservation biologists around the globe. We expect to assist members to bridge the gap between research and practice and make their work more effective in facilitating on-the-ground conservation successes.

The Latin America and Caribbean Conference for Conservation Biology is part of the effort to join conservation scientists and practitioners in the region to share knowledge and experiences.

This event brings together conservation professionals and students working across a wide variety of disciplines and institutions for discussion, innovation, and opportunities in science. LACA´s conference goal is to provide a forum for presenting and discussing new research, developments, and strategies that will inform policy changes and conservation practices to address today’s conservation challenges. 

Join us for the 4th biennial LACA in 2024:  Quito, Ecuador – November 25-29. 

Past LACA Meetings

Virtual, 2022

Puebla, Mexico 2020

Port of Spain, Trinidad y Tobago, 2018