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Jairo Mora Sandoval Bravery Award

The SCB Marine Program seeks nominations for the Jairo Award for 2020! Nominations are due by 8 May 2020

Please see below for the nomination form and other important information, including:

The recipient will be decided upon by a majority vote of the Jairo Award Committee. Nominations are judged based on information provided on the nomination form (download form below).  

The Jairo Award Committee reserves the right to not present the award if no satisfactory nominations are received. Please note that self-nominations will not be considered. Nominations demonstrating disregard for proper health and safety procedures will not be eligible. Full criteria and elibility standards are noted below. 

The winner will be announced at the next International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC6).

How to Submit a Nomination


  • The conservation work must take place in areas where conservationists face a real threat to their lives due to their work (e.g., protecting marine wildlife from poachers).
  • The nominee's conservation work must be conducted within the law and with due regard for human rights. Nominees engaged in illegal activities (e.g., entering private property without permit) will not be not be considered.
  • The nominee has made an outstanding contribution to the field of marine conservation
  • The nominee's conservation work must lay particular emphasis on responsible and educated scientific endeavor, public engagement, and conservation activism.
  • Incomplete nominations will not be considered.
  • Self-nominations will not be considered. 


  • Individuals dedicated to marine conservation, from any country.
  • The award may be given for a single conservation action or for an entire body of work (i.e., a series of linked contributions).
  • Individuals may be nominated posthumously.
  • The SCB Marine Program may require more information than that provided in the nomination form if deemed necessary.
  • The SCB Marine Program reserves the right to disqualify nominations where the application suggests the nominee displayed reckless behavior. 

Judging & Notification

  • The awardee will be selected by the Jairo Award Committee, which consists of three members of SCB Marine appointed by, and under the direction of the Board.
  • The winner (or contact)and the nominator will be notified by email and must provide a postal address and account information for the award to be delivered. 
  • If the winner, contact, or nominator do not respond to SCB Marine within 30 days of being notified, the award will be forfeited and SCB Marine will be entitled to select another winner in accordance with the process described above.
  • The winner will be announced to the public in a plenary session atthe International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC), and the name will be published on our website and through a press release. 
  • The SCB Marine Program reserves the right to void, cancel, suspend, or amend the award where it becomes necessary to do so.


SCB Marine strongly discourages careless or reckless behavior that would put conservationists’ lives at risk, and takes no responsibility for nominees suffering any harm as a result of being nominated for the Bravery Award.