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IMCC3 Moderator Information

Moderators are responsible for keeping time during oral and speed sessions to ensure synchrony between sessions. Moderators should determine if all speakers are present before the session begins. If a speaker does not show for his/her talk, moderators are not to move the next talk into the empty time slot in order to keep the session in sync with the schedule. Moderators can use that time for questions for presenters that have already presented.

A pdf of moderator instructions can be downloaded here.

Oral Sessions

Oral talks are limited to 15 minutes: 12 minutes for the presentation, and 3 minutes for questions. Moderators will introduce the speaker and will notify the presenter after 10 minutes have elapsed (to let the speaker know there are 2 minutes left for presenting and 3 for questions), and then at 12 minutes (to let the speaker know the question period should begin). The moderator will stand up after 14 minutes have elapsed, giving the speaker 1 minute to wrap up all presentation material or to finish questions.


The symposia organizer will act as moderator for their session, according to their symposium schedule.

Speed Talks

Moderators must keep strict time during the presentation portion of the speed talks, to ensure each speaker receives 4 minutes of presentation time. Moderators will introduce the speaker and notify the speaker when 3 minutes have elapsed (1 minute remaining) and then at 4 minutes. The moderator will then introduce the next speaker. Presentation slots have been scheduled for 5 minutes to allow time to transition to the next speaker. Presenters are not to be given 5 minutes to present. There will be no question period during the presentation portion of a speed session.
After all the speed session presenters have given their talks, there will be time for audience members to speak to them. Speakers should distribute themselves through out the room and are expected to remain in the room until the session ends.