Discounted Activities for IMCC3 Delegates

Basking Shark Scotland is offering a 10% discount on trips with an IMCC3 delegate pass and ID. For those interested in marine wildlife, and specifically sharks, August is peak time for the basking shark migration to specific areas of Scotland. The abundance of summer plankton means there is a massive amount of productivity, and you could also see a wealth of iconic species such as cetaceans (minke whales, common and bottlenose dolphins, porpoises), seals (common and grey seals) and bird life (eagles, fulmars, shearwaters, gannets, guillemots, skuas, terns).  Basking Shark Scotland follows a strict code of conduct for viewing protected species.

Being in Glasgow for IMCC, you need to travel to Oban, which is just more than a two-hour drive or approximately three hours via train. There are six train services per day from Glasgow Queen Street station, and you can catch the train up and back in one day for those who can only manage a day trip. Or, you can stay overnight for a more relaxed time. (Basking Shark Scotland can also help with accommodation.) The train station in Oban is a five-minute walk to the pier along the water front, so they are very easy to find by public transport. If there is a large group of delegates who wish to travel together, private buses can also be arranged for convenience.

For more information on Basking Shark Scotland and trips with them, please visit their webpage for IMCC delegates.