IMCC3 Community Outreach

An important goal of the 3rd International Marine Conservation Congress was to conduct marine conservation community outreach events in our host city, Glasgow. The IMCC3 Organizing Committee would like to give back to Glasgow through these events, as well as increase awareness and knowledge of marine conservation. 

IMCC3 outreach includes these main events:

The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow will host scientists from IMCC3 during a community outreach event on 15 August 2014 in the hospital's community education room. IMCC2 presenters will discuss marine conservation, each scientists' specialties and research areas around the world, reasons marine conservation is important, conservation in Scotland and what families can do to help make a difference for ocean life and ecosystems.

Also at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children on 15 August, scientists from IMCC3 will participate in Meet a Scientist. Patients staying at the hospital can request to have a visit from a marine scientist in their rooms to discuss marine conservation, what it is like to be a marine scientist and anything else the patients would like to talk about during their visit.

At Anderston Primary School on 19 August, delegates from IMCC3 will visit to give presentations on marine conservation for children ages six to 12. Students will also get the chance to ask the scientists questions about marine conservation, marine animals, being a scientist and more.

Thank You!

The 3rd International Marine Conservation Congress Would like to thank our conservation outreach partners, the Royal Hospital for Sick Children  and Anderston Primary School, as well as the following for donating ocean-themed items to give out to chidlren at the events:

Erich Hoyt, author & scientist
Sophie Webb, author
Marianne Berkes, author
Dawn Publications
Ron Hirschi, author
Nags Head Art
The Society for Conservation Biology

The Marine Section of the Society for Conservation Biology

IMCC3 Outreach Team:
Samantha Oester
David Shiffman
Karyn Traphagen
Edd Hind
Natalie Welden
Jake Levenson
Fadilah Ali
Mike Irvine
Fanny Vessaz
Melanie Hamel
Alan MacPuffin (IMCC3 mascot)
Clawdia Crab (ICCB 2013 mascot)